20 Mar 2013

Xi Xiang Feng
Yong Tau Fu

If you are in this food centre,you can never miss this stall with it's constant queues through out the day.Looking at the never ending queue,it can make anyone just join the queue.

Here you select your item,pass to the vendor and you queue in queue.
I have try a few times before,some how your dish comes right everytime.

The selected items with the yellow mee,chilly and sweet sauce,tasted okay..The sweet sauce was too sweet for my liking.The items all tasted every fresh and tasted nice.But did not stand out.
The meat ball had too much flour than meat in it.

But the real star surprising has to be the bee hoon.
I have eaten this type of bee hoon maybe over some 30 years back.
The bee hoon had al dente, QQ texture.Very springy,some slight chewiness,adding some crunchiness  to it.
Really,I can't find this kind of bee hoon texture in any stall nowadays.

The soup when hot was tasty,but as it cools there was this sour taste to it.

Overall a good Yong Tau Fu.The constant queue does provide fresh stuff been refill regularly.But I won't travel all the way just for the yong tau fu... maybe for the bee hoon..But if you are around there can try.

Xi Xiang Feng
Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio
Ave 6 #01-23
Ang Mo Kio Food Centre.

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