29 Dec 2009

Sin Kee Nasi Lemak

Though  I have eaten here quite a number of times at this food centre, really didn,t think much,till it hit me how good some of the foods at certain stalls was.It would only be justify to mention some of the stalls on my forthcoming....makans.

 This stall has it's own following of faithful patrons there is always a decent queue.The normal set is served with chicken wings,ikan billis,egg,a piece of cucumber and sambal.$2.00.Mine was added items of a fish and long beans.

22 Dec 2009

Siang Hee Restaurant

Was at SGH with visiting a friend with some friends.After the visit a friend suggested this place which is  very popular for their Pumpkin Prawns.Having heard about this place before we all agreed to go for lunch there.

10 Dec 2009

Still Standing... Pukul Mati (eat till you drop dead)

Indian Vegetarian Rice Set

With Komala villas and Ananda Bavan who use to be forerunners in this market ,went upmarket and prices to match their present image.You will be hard pressed to find a eating place serving cheap indian vegetarian rice set with decent accompanying side dishes and decent price.Known as Pukul Mati makan. (eat till you drop dead)
If you feel like stuffing yourself silly, till you can't move.If  like to eat or try Indian vegetarian rice and you can eat a ton.There is this place....
In a rundown shop houses along Cuff Road.A very  last standing of one or two eating place still serving Indian Vegetarian Rice (pukul mati) which  use to be very common, is a dying off fast. And who can blame them if got a pal like mine who took me to this place.

7 Dec 2009


.There was  loud music going on and continue queue forming and a mass crowd  gathering around throughout my stroll there.Out of curiosity I just  had a look to see what they were having, had shock it was not a great Singapore sale,it was bubble tea.And I thought the bubble tea craze was all over and over the hill.But  there seems to be still quite a market for it .This stall had very clean hip look, all in black outfit.With a fancy name Koi Cafe.

2 Dec 2009

Cafe Wok Inn Fish & Chips

                                                        This stall has closed

Was in Toa Payoh having dinner at a food centre.When I remembered a fish and chips that I had sometime back..it was just few steps away so I just went over.

I have to say the fish was same as before.The fish was marinated beautifully.Just a normal dory fillet not overly batter just right,crispy bite,soft flaky flesh inside but was  entirely different  how it tasted just mouth watering. For a coffee shop stall it is in another league .The chips were crispy very good .Not a huge portion but taste wise for $5.80 It was A WINNER!!!.

Cafe Wok Inn Fish & Chips
Blk 95 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh


27 Nov 2009

Lian Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant.

This has to be my lucky catch..... 

Always thought there is nothing much near my place... my area. Usually I would travel to the east or other areas to have my hunger fix. Sometimes we just take a bus, take ride to nowhere when we see some makan shops or stall we get down ,to see what they have.So this evening we thought why not take feeder service and try out.Took a feeder service 806 from interchange,got down when saw this shop coffeeshop with bright lights and sign ,it was just welcoming us.There was quite decent crowd for a weekday.Hey,let's just eat la....

Deep Fried Large Intestine stuff with a spring Onion very cute.It was crispy outside,soft and tender inside  must be the spring onion.Was accompanied by cucumber achar and mayo sauce,I personally would have prefered with chilly sauce.It was  good.$10.00

24 Nov 2009

Al Mahboob Rojak

Colours of fried fritters arrange stacks by stacks. which was recommended to me by a friend.Who claim it to be one of the best around,.So I was taken to Tampines to try for myself.

21 Nov 2009


After North Point was revamp quite a number of new restaurants began their operation here.This was my second visit here. We were greeted by enthusiastic waitress upon entrance.Every waitress shouted 'welcome' in chinese(or were they scolding me ).You don't even have to read for they have pictures and prices tag, in the menu for all the entrees.
Roasted Chicken with Fresh Fruit Salad..The fruit salad was was mixed lightly with mayo was nice.The chicken  really took me by a surprise it was suckle, juicy very well flavoured and the skin,yes, the skin was paper thin crispy. A WINNER!!.$5.50

18 Nov 2009

Mun Chee Pig's Organ Soup...as good as you can have

Mention Pig's organ soup for those who never tried it's disgusting.For those who love it,it's another heavenly dish which we can just indulge with a simple rice any time of the day....
Have passed this place quite a number of occasion.This restaurant just opened about 2 months ago.It's very familiar name with a touch of modern, new, clean look,no aircon..Have tried other branches(Foch Rd ,Lavender Food Market).Read the papers saw an article Mr. Donald Tsang Hong Kong Chief Executive who was here attending the APEC meeting visited this restaurant for his dinner or supper.

14 Nov 2009

Hup Kee Fried Oyster Omelette

Indulge and fill in the sin add in the calories,
add the cholesterol.
This is a pure evil, unhealthy dish.
 Very bite adds calories and cholesterol.Yes!we having Oyster Omelett(Orh Luak).Made with watery potato starchy batter, eggs, oil .Fried to a light  crispy, added with fresh Oyster.In expert's hand turns out to be heavenly bites of eggy bits.

12 Nov 2009

From The rags Going For The Riches

I was suppose go to Bedok Interchange to meet a friend to help him buy a Hi Fi set.Started early, notice I had a a lot time I took a longer way to travel there.As traveling I passed by this this block number which looked familiar.Stop walked over notice a coffee shop.Saw this stall  which was feature in Buzzing Cashier.click hereThere was a decent queue and join the queue.Then there was longer queue behind me.

9 Nov 2009

Simply an Exclusively Mee Pok

This area just can't seem to stop,amazing me with a growing number of  good quality food along this street.This  place caught my eye for the day.
Ah Guan Mee Pok .$4.00,served  like a beautiful art came in a bowl with sliced fish cakes,a single liver,single piece dry sole fish,single scallop and a prawn which very fresh and crunchy with some cabbage and minced pork.

8 Nov 2009

Epok Epok Central

Epok Epok I used to call this curry pup not puff.Even now when I buy I ask for curry pup.Have hear about this place's epok epok for sometime .I went merry go around searching  for this place which was right under my nose couple of times before, just because I did not take down the name(address).This got address and got to the place.

6 Nov 2009

No Takeaways... Just Follow the Queue

 MEI XIANG FISH SOUP: Be Prepare to Queue
If you are not afraid of queues then come queue along for the  queue never ends till it closes.The queue starts even before they open , easily there will be least 15-20 people in the queue.But not be put down by the queue for the queue moves very fast.
 Black White $6.00 portion.

2 Nov 2009

Come Let'sTry Hand in Hand

When I had Bak Kut Teh at Leong Kee couple of times notice the restaurant just opposite this stall.Curious, have walk passed few times, finally decided to give a try.Come let's try Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant Very simple decor,small place nothing fancy but neat and clean....
Seaweed Tou Fu was very delightful with crispy top soft melts in mouth the sauce was simply wonderful.Very good.No... A WINNER.$9.80

31 Oct 2009

Anson Chee Cheong Fun

 Walking along a path way along some shop houses.Saw a sign with a familiar name but the picture looked interesting.So you think you have tried different variety of Chee Cheong Fun.

Here comes a black and white star,Ipoh Anson Chee Cheong Fun. Looking nothing like the normal chee cheong fun,severed without the black sauce but with some separate chilli sauce .

30 Oct 2009

Tekka FC Prata Pt 3 Final

These are last 2 prata stalls in Tekka Fc for my closing of pratas in this FC.
First Zam Zam Muslim Food not to mistaken it for the more famous Zam Zam Restaurant at North Bridge Rd.
There were already pre cooked pratas.Asked for a freshly made one ,pratas it came hot.

28 Oct 2009

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Met to some friends  at Causeway Point,after some chat decide pay to a visit to one of many restaurants there,Crystal Jade Kitchen.Greeted by a friendly wait staff ,the ambiance is more of family restaurant  with simple decor.We were seated right beside wait staff order counter the couch kind seat straight high ,after awhile were not very comfortable.But still manage to go through our lunch.
Order some dishes.First to come was I thought was a bean curd dish. Which had quite a interesting match of ingredients and taste which I was not able figure out first.It turn out to be Assorted  mushroom, preserve vegetable with Gluten.The mixture had very unique taste after a few bites it started taste wonderful.

22 Oct 2009

Briyani Or Is It Gee Rice

Beach Road Briyani

Briyani  has I know was used to be cooked with the meat and rice together to get the whole  fragrance of the meat and the masala .Basmatic rice is a must for briyani is half cooked or 1/4 cooked.The meat usually is mutton is cooked with blend of masala mix.Then is added to rice rice layer by layer.Rice on top add cooked mutton sprinkle with milk with saffron,gee, fried oninons,parsley,mint leaves, etc. And repeat the process till all the rice the and mutton is used.The pot is sealed thightly is place on top of fire and burning charcoal on top of the pot and cooked till the rice is fully cooked.
Nowadays we don't come across so much  of this briyani which is now called dum briyani because of the long work involved .(And even when I come across a dum briyani is very sub standard.)
Nowadays we can easily find the so call  briyani which was use to be called Gee Rice.Where the rice  and meat are cooked separately and add together when serve,which we are more used to nowadays.And are equally tasty.
The  basmatic rice was very fragrance,fluffy,firm and soft,cooked to near perfect grain.You can smell the fragrance from a distance.The mutton cooked with the masala was not very spicy,was soft,tender,slided of the bone easily,it was seasoned very well ,the gravy  blended very well with the rice.
Served with a very little achar cumuber and dalcha.It was simply...delicious..yummy!!Surely amount the better briyanis around.$4.50 

Some of the dish,are not everyday items,you have asked them what's special, for the day.They don't ask, whether if you want,the special for the day. The special I had,masala  mutton and chicken kurma were expectationally  good.

 Mohammed Muslim Food
Blk 17 Beach Road.
Basmati Rice on Foodista

20 Oct 2009

Hakka Noodles,YTF,Soon Kway and Abacus

Hakka-style mee kia are quite thin noodles comes a bit flat but are not flat.The noodles itself are very QQ but slightly drier because of very less oil used,abit bland but comes top with tasty minced pork which add to the taste and flavour and it was so good .

17 Oct 2009

Da Lian Traditional Noodles

With so many growing number of good quality food along Syed Alwi Rd .I just had to go back along this area to try some of the food stalls along this road.Came across this stall
The noodles are done in Teochew style.The noodles came top with a whole lot of ingredients with 3 fresh prawns,2 fishballs,2meatball,2 fish dumplings,sliced fish cakes,mushrooms,2 pcs of dry sole fish with sliced pork and minced meat.

13 Oct 2009

Freshly made Hong Kong Style Zhu Chang Fen

Zhu Chang Fen which is more commonly known as Chee Cheong Fun, made freshly tastes is so much different from the ones that kept in steamer for hours or days.Made right in front you when you order ,the batter is pour add with any one condiments which are prawns, char siew,mushroom and chicken .Comes out  super soft slippery,smooth as silk.

10 Oct 2009

You Li

They were feature in Buzzing Cashier.A show that try's to help struggling hawkers improved their cooking and to help them make a decent living.By assigning top chefs from top hotels,restaurant eateries to teach them.
They  failed twice to impress the judges.On the third try,they won with gold metal only to be taken away on the very episode. They stripped of the gold metal for substandard cooking. 
Their rolling skill is still a long way out.Just can't understand why they can't seem to roll a simple popiah a bit tighter and nicer.

6 Oct 2009

Meng Hui Satay Bee Hoon

I am not great fan of satay bee hoon maybe I did not eat at right place,to get a real good taste of it.Most of the one I tasted ,tasted more of like satay sauce,use for satay dip.

When you taste a good  satay bee hoon you know, it make whole lot of a difference.

5 Oct 2009

Pearl River Palace Restaurant

Please note his restaurant has closed it operations in this place.

10 years maybe 11 yrs ago we had our farewell gathering here.One last time with all our working friends.... company was closing down.memories are so painful yet so joyful.
Well this restaurant managed to survive all these years and still serves buffet at one of cheapest price, it still amazes me.
 Roast Crispy Pork,No fancy cut like most restaurant that cuts away half the meat away. This turn out to be a real surprise.The skin was soft not hard very crispy and meat was very juicy, marinated very well with the right amount of seasoning.It was simply fantastic.a real class WINNER really very siok.
Braised Shark's fin's Fin with Crab Roe,Dried Fish Maw and Enoki Mushrooms.When this was served I taken aback.On scooping it felt so thick and googly I never had shark fin like this before,I could taste the fin and fish maw.

29 Sep 2009

Tekka FC Pratas pt 2

                                  Janatul Roti Prata
                         THIS STALL IS CLOSED.
The new kid on the block,a new stall which just started operation less than 2 weeks .With newspaper advertisement printed on the sign broad itself "Janatul Roti Prata formly Janantul Jalan Kayu Roti Prata "
The prata was grilled severed hot.The plain prata was crispy outside quite soft inside,the one with egg was very good too. The curry complimented the prata very well

The prata was easily torn apart .

26 Sep 2009

Lao Ji Cooked Food(Ah Loo Cooked Food)

This stall seem to be closed all the time.I was searching for this stall high and low in Chinatown F.C.. I either went too early or too late.Yes, they do open but their opening hrs are very short .Maybe open for less than 2 hrs that's how fast their stock finishes with a never ending Q  helping out for a early closing hours.

Eaten at FC. .It's drizzle with a slightly watery sauce soft  and smooth it slides and just melts in your mouth.

23 Sep 2009

Hock Lee FishBall Kway Teow Mee

The taste of real  fresh Fishball does leave a tingly sensation, a bite the freshness of ocean brust in the mouth..
 The noodle are  well done the chilli is good have extra chiili with dash tomato sauce it brings out some hidden flavours from within.The star fishball is one of best I tried. It's soft,springy with tingly falvour.A bite the juiciness of fish that comes in mouth is not achived by a lot of fishball stalls or vendor.

19 Sep 2009

Tekka FC Pratas

Little India infested with a lot of Indian foods. Went to Tekka FC to have breakfast. Pratas!.There are  quite a  number of stalls selling pratas here.Tried the some of the pratas stalls.Today I tried 2 stalls.Tekka FC not sure of name but stall no.01-224.

There were some already fried pratas there,ask the guy to make a fresh prata .The prata came hot, still sizzing,It was fluffy easy to tear a part.

14 Sep 2009

Kims Noodles

Along Balestier Rd there is a small run down coffeeshop.Situated  at juction of Balestier and Dusun Rd In this coffeeshop there is small stall selling one of best minced pork noodles
The noodles are done la dent just right.Served with minced pork,sliced pork, liver, a single fishball and meatballs. The chlli is a main stuff that makes or breaks a standard of bor chor mee.

12 Sep 2009

AFE Delights Hainaese Deboned Chcken Rice

Feel like eating  chicken rice .Well here is a place that can give any top chicken rice stall a run for their money.

The chicken they use looks abit smaller than most chicken rice stall use. The chicken is very well boiled to near perfection.It's boneless chicken they  use to even debone the wings before after some complain they stop it. The flesh has a very nice savoury flavour, so soft smooth tender juicy it practically  just slides through your mouth.The sauce is another winner it's light

8 Sep 2009

Leong Kee( Klang) Bak Kut Teh

Please note this Branch has closed.1/10/10
I never image I would take herbal Bak Kut Teh..I have tried once before long long time ago and swear never will touch again herbal soup. Just can't take anything that is bitter.Now here I am staring at all these which might have bitter herbs in it..I always try keep a mind open about food and will try to give a second try.
The Bak Kut Teh soup came pipping hot still boiling when place on the table.The Bak Kut Teh was served with dried tau kaw with ribs that had some huge chucks of meat on it. Had a scoop,

6 Sep 2009

Teochew St. Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles

Was at Chinatown Food Centre,looking for Lao Ji yam cake at lunch time.Well it was closed.This stall caught my eye with decent Q waiting in line.I came back in around 4.30p.m for the yam cake.I notice there was still a decent Q at this stall.Decided  to join the Q.

Served with decent topping of  a single prawn,3 small sliced pork,2 small pcs of liver braised mushrooms,minced pork with lard and 2 tiny pcs crispy sole fish with

5 Sep 2009

Tay Hing Kee Fatty Fried Kway Teow

This stall was supposedly reopen and manned by his son now 8/7/11.click

It's Fried Char Kway Teow.It is served with a special gravy sauce.

The fried kway teow comes with some prawns, fish cake and cockles The fried kway teow on it's own without the gravy was quite good with minimum flavouring of kway teow,you don't taste much of the sweetness or other sauces that goes into it.But it's fried in way it that reminds me of char kway teows some 30 yrs back.With the gravy sauce  it transforms into something special,it  makes it a wetter version of the fried kway teow and does taste different from your normal char kway teow, it was very good.It's quite old school way of frying.Most older folks will like it.It brought back some memories.....$3.00

Tay Hing Kee
Fried Kway Teow
209, Jalan Besar                                         
Juction of Sam Leong Road and Jln Besar


30 Aug 2009

Hai Tien Lo Weekend a la carte Buffet Brunch.

It was a rainy day ,took the lift to the 37 flr as the lift moved it seem slow with beautiful  rain filled view.But were there in no time. Was here giving my sis a birthday treat and we went for the weekend a la carte buffet brunch.

                                 A beautiful rain drops view from the lift. 

We order all the Chef's signature dishes first. All one serving only....

Bird nest tarts.The bird nest itself was tasteless the tart was quite okay.Hey it's Bird's Nest so I am enjoying.

  Imperial Lobster Dumpling. Was big and had chucks of lobsters inside.To be honest and could not taste it was lobster or big prawns.They said Lobster so must be lobster.Nice feeling eating lobster.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat. Had lot fins and crab meat as you can see.
It tasted like normal but I never had a buffet with so much  Shark's fins and crab in the soup  .This a alone could cover near half the buffet price.Shoik! la

The next forth coming dishes all can be