28 Aug 2009

Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee

In  earlier days I did not really like Hokkien Mee.Felt it was over cooked and gooey but somehow along the line I really got hooked to it.Now I grown to appreciate Hokkien Mee.
 It  may  look like  a simple to cook dish, but believe me it takes a great big deal of skill, to cook this what seems to be, like over cooked soggy  mee with all the flavour blend together giving a distinguish yummy delicious taste.

It's comes with some medium large crunchy  prawns and cuttlefish but you can always ask if he has any pork belly and he would gladly top it for you,without any extra charges and if  like me, extra  lards please.The wok work is really very well done and it fried using charcoal fire, has special smoky taste in the mee.....If Alex is at wok it's a hard beat Hokkien Mee.A must try Hokkien Mee.
And when I go to this place, if Alex is not around doing the cooking, I would just walk  away.That's how much I have learn to  appreciate Hokkien Mee.Ha haaa!

Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee
     396 East Coast Road