12 Sep 2009

AFE Delights Hainaese Deboned Chcken Rice

Feel like eating  chicken rice .Well here is a place that can give any top chicken rice stall a run for their money.

The chicken they use looks abit smaller than most chicken rice stall use. The chicken is very well boiled to near perfection.It's boneless chicken they  use to even debone the wings before after some complain they stop it. The flesh has a very nice savoury flavour, so soft smooth tender juicy it practically  just slides through your mouth.The sauce is another winner it's light
with slight inch of sweetness.You might want to drink it.Half a chicken is $11.00.
The inner organs were smooth and nice, the  feet were churchy very good..A small portion mixed is $2.00

The rice is cooked  almost perfect.The grains parts easily it is full of flavour and tasty you can just eat the rice on it's own.A plate is.50cents
The soup is very savoury and tasty can't taste any msg in it. The chilli is spicy abit hot very good.This is certainly one of the best chicken rice around if not maybe the best in Yishun.Total bill $15.50.

 Blk 925 Yishun Ctr 1


  1. wow your pictures are great this looks delicious! Welcome to foodbuzz nice to meet you :)

  2. It was surely was delicious.Nice meeting you too.Thank You.

  3. I totally agree with everything you had said. I'm a fan, I eat there every week, can't stop at one plate of rice. Most days, i would go for 2nd helping of chicken, too. It certainly is the best in Singapore. I brought my friend and family from Ipoh there twice, even their 75 year old mother swear that what she had been eating in ipoh all her life can't hold a candle to this. Don't believe what we say, you must savour it yourself. Keith