23 Sep 2009

Hock Lee FishBall Kway Teow Mee

The taste of real  fresh Fishball does leave a tingly sensation, a bite the freshness of ocean brust in the mouth..
 The noodle are  well done the chilli is good have extra chiili with dash tomato sauce it brings out some hidden flavours from within.The star fishball is one of best I tried. It's soft,springy with tingly falvour.A bite the juiciness of fish that comes in mouth is not achived by a lot of fishball stalls or vendor.
It is served with just fishballs and noodles or you can have fishball with pork slices.The soup is good but not remarkable.Which ever way you order it so good one of the must try fishball stalls.
The stall has been selling fishball for ages but go during lunch time or even 11a.m you may find the stall closed..Their operating hrs are very short around 7a.m to 11-11.30a.m.Once open the  Q never seems to end.Till sold out.$3.00
Albert food Centre. Temp market beside Bugis MRT.

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