14 Sep 2009

Kims Noodles

Along Balestier Rd there is a small run down coffeeshop.Situated  at juction of Balestier and Dusun Rd In this coffeeshop there is small stall selling one of best minced pork noodles
The noodles are done la dent just right.Served with minced pork,sliced pork, liver, a single fishball and meatballs. The chlli is a main stuff that makes or breaks a standard of bor chor mee.
Here it is a main star,add extra chilli it lifts the noodles to another level.

The soup has a thickness in it. The pork broth is  quite strong  a scoop you could taste the freshness of the ingredients and can wow you over.It is simply delicious one of best tasting soup in a bar chor mee.

The ingredients from the soup top on noodles.The portion comes in $3.00 and $4.00.I had $4.00.

574 Balestier Rd.

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