26 Sep 2009

Lao Ji Cooked Food(Ah Loo Cooked Food)

This stall seem to be closed all the time.I was searching for this stall high and low in Chinatown F.C.. I either went too early or too late.Yes, they do open but their opening hrs are very short .Maybe open for less than 2 hrs that's how fast their stock finishes with a never ending Q  helping out for a early closing hours.

Eaten at FC. .It's drizzle with a slightly watery sauce soft  and smooth it slides and just melts in your mouth.
The best so far I have tried.This is the yam cake that every yam cake has to beat.

Take away asked for a block uncut.
 You get a bigger portion then individual portion.

The Carrot cake ( Radish cake) was okay  .Take away in one single piece $2.00

Had some left over next day yam cake and carrot cake,reheat lightly in microwave,it became super soft .The sauce given is too thick add little boiled water make abit watery. Oh simply yam.. yammmylicious .
They have a very simple peanut porridge.It's very simple.$0.70cents.

 Ah Lo Cooked Food.
Chinatown Smith street FC.#02-003.

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