8 Sep 2009

Leong Kee( Klang) Bak Kut Teh

Please note this Branch has closed.1/10/10
I never image I would take herbal Bak Kut Teh..I have tried once before long long time ago and swear never will touch again herbal soup. Just can't take anything that is bitter.Now here I am staring at all these which might have bitter herbs in it..I always try keep a mind open about food and will try to give a second try.
The Bak Kut Teh soup came pipping hot still boiling when place on the table.The Bak Kut Teh was served with dried tau kaw with ribs that had some huge chucks of meat on it. Had a scoop,
no it's not bitter it had this slightly strong herbal with a slight  sweetness taste in it.It's herbal but this is very good tasting soup.$5.00 the ribs itself is worth more uncooked.

The stewed small intestine was thick, big juicy and wonderful.Never seen such big small intestine before.The portion was big for  $5.00 which would have cost double anywhere else.

Mushroom Chicken Feet .Wow! this was stew so well the feet  were soft tender melts in the mouth but does not have the over cooked mushy taste  and mushroom still manage to have a cruch in it.I  am won over.This is good man!$4.00  it's worth more than that very cheap indeed.

Stewed Pork Trotter(Ter Ka). Not a whole piece,not even with bones.No way I am going to like this.How wrong can I be this could easily be one of best Ter Ka I have ever had.The meat  was so soft tender melts in your mouth ,the skin still has abit cruch but yet soft ,tender Wow !declious.$5.00 another huge portion.

The stewed peanuts was very good very well balance.The salted  vegetable  and egg and tau pok were okay,the you tioa was cut too thin not good .Hey! all this dishes are only 0.50cents each.Yes that's right 0.50 cents only.Cheap! cheap!

Pictures tells a thousand words.Oh! before I forget a special thanks to the staff who ask me to cancel my big order of Bak Kut Teh and advice to buy the smaller pot said it's already alot for us and he was right.Thank You!
We loved all the dishes and the portion were all big by any standard.All this cost us only $25.90.Certainly will go back again.

Not to worry about rip off like most Bak Kut Teh stall does nowdays.All the prices are all clearly stated and even you order more than you can eat  the friendly staff will advice you not to.

Please note this Branch has closed.1/10/10
 145 Jln Besar.
At the juction of Hindoo Rd and Jln Besar.


  1. not so great la ...i had better in msia!...i find the soup too blend and tasteless....no herb at all !..

  2. Maybe if you could recommend something in within Singapore.Not so keen in what's over there.