29 Sep 2009

Tekka FC Pratas pt 2

                                  Janatul Roti Prata
                         THIS STALL IS CLOSED.
The new kid on the block,a new stall which just started operation less than 2 weeks .With newspaper advertisement printed on the sign broad itself "Janatul Roti Prata formly Janantul Jalan Kayu Roti Prata "
The prata was grilled severed hot.The plain prata was crispy outside quite soft inside,the one with egg was very good too. The curry complimented the prata very well

The prata was easily torn apart .
This prata stall will sure have a following of customers.I was impress it was very good hope they can mantain the standard.
Janatul Roti Prata
formly Janantul Jalan Kayu Roti Prata

                     Jamal Restaurant South Indian Food
This stall used to sell just chapati and cooked food now they have taken another and are selling prata ,thosai etc.

The prata was grilled and severed hot.The plain one was okay slight crisp and soft.the egg prata was also okay not bad .

The curry was good asked  for bones with it and got it .
A slight tear of the prata it torn easily.The pratas were okay not bad
Jamal Restaurant South Indian Food

                                 Amina Stall

This stall can have some of the best pratas a around unforunately this stall does not seem to have fix prata maker.There are just too many transist cooks coming and going .You think this prata is good go next time around not  the same prata cook .

Few days back had a very good prata from this stall. Today change of cook ,the prata came hot just grilled the plain prata was okay not too bad and egg was the same not bad okay only.The curry was nice.Eating here is like trying my luck.
Amina Stall

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