19 Sep 2009

Tekka FC Pratas

Little India infested with a lot of Indian foods. Went to Tekka FC to have breakfast. Pratas!.There are  quite a  number of stalls selling pratas here.Tried the some of the pratas stalls.Today I tried 2 stalls.Tekka FC not sure of name but stall no.01-224.

There were some already fried pratas there,ask the guy to make a fresh prata .The prata came hot, still sizzing,It was fluffy easy to tear a part.
The plain one was a bit of dry,but the one with the egg was good.Was slightly crispy soft and nice. 

Asked for bones in the curry and the guy still wanted top extra on the prata itself, stop him from doing that, curry on this day was very good.
 The prata was decent and slightly above average quite okay la,remember I got a fresh Pratas.They open only morning hrs 6.30a.m to 10.30.There after they sell cooked food. 
Stall no.01-224..

The Second stall is named AR-Rahman Royal Prata.Well AR Rahma is very well known music composer and a singer in India.Maybe they have some  connection......
The pratas came sizzing hot, they looked a bit out of shape...
The plain prata was crispy slightly fluffy was quite good.The one with the egg was decent enough.The curry was good had no bones in it sob! sob!
The partas were very decent was okay not dispointing. If around there ,can have try la if you want.
AR-Rahman Royal Prata .They are open whole day.


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