6 Sep 2009

Teochew St. Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles

Was at Chinatown Food Centre,looking for Lao Ji yam cake at lunch time.Well it was closed.This stall caught my eye with decent Q waiting in line.I came back in around 4.30p.m for the yam cake.I notice there was still a decent Q at this stall.Decided  to join the Q.

Served with decent topping of  a single prawn,3 small sliced pork,2 small pcs of liver braised mushrooms,minced pork with lard and 2 tiny pcs crispy sole fish with
huge portion of mee pok.
The noodles was cooked to perfection the sauce blended very well with the noodles.This was good... no was surprising very good.The ingredients were all fresh and tasted very good combined together.
The soup had a single meatball and fish ball and small piece of seaweed.The soup was good not outstanding very decent enough with a taste of pork and prawn stock.Over all a very good tasting Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles.The portion $3.00
Chinatown Food Centre
#02-023 Blk 335 Smith St.

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