31 Oct 2009

Anson Chee Cheong Fun

 Walking along a path way along some shop houses.Saw a sign with a familiar name but the picture looked interesting.So you think you have tried different variety of Chee Cheong Fun.

Here comes a black and white star,Ipoh Anson Chee Cheong Fun. Looking nothing like the normal chee cheong fun,severed without the black sauce but with some separate chilli sauce .
It got me curious, put piece in my mouth.It was soft.smooth with bite bits in it.Yes it's different ,nice... no it's very nice .The bite bits were with turnip,with dried shrimps it added to the flavour and taste.It was different and I really liked it. $2.80
We are not  finish had to try some other dishes on the menu.

Chee Cheong Fun Curry Pig Skin was in a lemak kind of gravy with distinguish taste adding flavour to the curry.The pig's skin are dried ones,they were fried, came with long beans giving weight to the dish.This was new way of eating Chee Cheong Fun and was unexpectedly pleasantly tasty.I liked it.very good.$2.80

Ipoh Hor Fun  with char siew,bean curb,chicken and prawns,the stock was very flavoursome and tasty.was good.$3.50

Yam Cake it self was okay,not much of yam nor soft as it should be, but mixed with the accompanying sauce it turn out to be very good.$2,50
Pumpkin Cake was almost the same taste as the yam cake with bits of pumpkin here and there.The saver was the sauce.$2.50 each.

Ngh Heong was fried freshly upon order,was crispy can taste the prawns yam and chestnut in it. For the price it was good.$1.60. 
Salted Egg Meat Ball the salted egg was tasty, the meat seasoning could have been better.It was just okay la.$2.80

Chicken Wings were freshly fried had a crispy bite,the seasoning was very light, could have been better,okay la.$1.20 each.
Ipoh White Coffee $1.20.

Soy Milk was strong with good soy taste was nice.$1.00.Bean Curb did not look soft but was yet soft and smooth with different texture in tasted was uniquely nice.$1.00

Ipoh Anson Chee Cheong Fun
324P Changi Rd.
Next to Telok Kurau Junction


  1. Gosh...I feel like wanting to learn how to make every dish here. I think I want to go to Singapore now, or at least go there for a holiday and gorge myself with all the good food....yum.

  2. Mary you sure can do it.Iam sure of it.