22 Oct 2009

Briyani Or Is It Gee Rice

Beach Road Briyani

Briyani  has I know was used to be cooked with the meat and rice together to get the whole  fragrance of the meat and the masala .Basmatic rice is a must for briyani is half cooked or 1/4 cooked.The meat usually is mutton is cooked with blend of masala mix.Then is added to rice rice layer by layer.Rice on top add cooked mutton sprinkle with milk with saffron,gee, fried oninons,parsley,mint leaves, etc. And repeat the process till all the rice the and mutton is used.The pot is sealed thightly is place on top of fire and burning charcoal on top of the pot and cooked till the rice is fully cooked.
Nowadays we don't come across so much  of this briyani which is now called dum briyani because of the long work involved .(And even when I come across a dum briyani is very sub standard.)
Nowadays we can easily find the so call  briyani which was use to be called Gee Rice.Where the rice  and meat are cooked separately and add together when serve,which we are more used to nowadays.And are equally tasty.
The  basmatic rice was very fragrance,fluffy,firm and soft,cooked to near perfect grain.You can smell the fragrance from a distance.The mutton cooked with the masala was not very spicy,was soft,tender,slided of the bone easily,it was seasoned very well ,the gravy  blended very well with the rice.
Served with a very little achar cumuber and dalcha.It was simply...delicious..yummy!!Surely amount the better briyanis around.$4.50 

Some of the dish,are not everyday items,you have asked them what's special, for the day.They don't ask, whether if you want,the special for the day. The special I had,masala  mutton and chicken kurma were expectationally  good.

 Mohammed Muslim Food
Blk 17 Beach Road.
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