28 Oct 2009

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Met to some friends  at Causeway Point,after some chat decide pay to a visit to one of many restaurants there,Crystal Jade Kitchen.Greeted by a friendly wait staff ,the ambiance is more of family restaurant  with simple decor.We were seated right beside wait staff order counter the couch kind seat straight high ,after awhile were not very comfortable.But still manage to go through our lunch.
Order some dishes.First to come was I thought was a bean curd dish. Which had quite a interesting match of ingredients and taste which I was not able figure out first.It turn out to be Assorted  mushroom, preserve vegetable with Gluten.The mixture had very unique taste after a few bites it started taste wonderful.

Pig's Gibiet Congee  A taste of it you can understand why crystal jade are quite popular with congee,looking almost as white as possible as any white, though did not find the Giblet very interesting the congee itself was smooth flavoursome and heavenly.Siok

Steamed Pork Dumpling(Xiao Long Bao)was good  but not outstanding it did not have enough stock in it.Okay la.

Beancurb skin with Shrimp was crispy, nice and tasty the shrimps tasted fresh .Was quite good. I liked it.

Har Gao.Was okay quite good.

Beancurb Pork in Oyster sauce.I like the texture of skin and fillings.Was  good I liked it.

Steam Chicken Feet in Bean Sauce was quite okay.

Bean Curb Stuff with Minced Pork,the bean curb was soft and nice the was season well.It  was nice.

Steam Yam Cake,was soft , nice and was quite good.

T Bone Lamb Steak.Well this was a disappointment of the day, the smell was very strong and meat was over seasoned but the accompanying  mushroom was nice and onion ring was very good.Not ordering again.

Pattays Sharkfin in Clay Pot.Was very different in taste and appearance,I could not make my mind whether I like it or not.But still I did drank more than my friends.I might order again,I think...
Promotion price $19.90.

Crispy Chicken in Sichuan Sauce.I asked not to mix the sauce and was given separately in a small bowl, luckly for me,didn't fancy the sauce .The chicken seasoning was okay,it was cooked well but it was not crispy enough.Okay can eat.

The next 2 dishes were on promotion Double Deal Seafood.
Mussels  in Black Bean Sauce,the mussels were very fresh no sandy taste and surprising was very good.A Winner.

Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish in special Sauce.The fish was very crispy,the flesh texture was almost perfect and the accompanying sauce was very nice. It tasted lightly of soy sauce taste,smooth light in different colour .Very Siok worth more than price I pay for .A Winner ..
The Promotion price for both the Mussels and Fish.

The service was very friendly and efficient.

Causeway Point
Crystal Jade Kitchen


  1. WOW!!

    All of that looks so incredibly good!


  2. Most of them were