17 Oct 2009

Da Lian Traditional Noodles

With so many growing number of good quality food along Syed Alwi Rd .I just had to go back along this area to try some of the food stalls along this road.Came across this stall
The noodles are done in Teochew style.The noodles came top with a whole lot of ingredients with 3 fresh prawns,2 fishballs,2meatball,2 fish dumplings,sliced fish cakes,mushrooms,2 pcs of dry sole fish with sliced pork and minced meat.

The noodles were quite thin from the normal noodles.Done in QQ standard had that crunchy texture feel in the bite.The taste was abit different was nice .The chilli is power it was spicy hot had a very slight burn taste that add  flavour to the taste of the noodles.A mix up of every thing you have very good tasty nice spicy noodles.

 The soup had bit of minced pork,seaweed and was quite tasty.
I had the $5.00 portion which was big portion with more than enough ingredients in it.A great value indeed. But if don't like spicy better tell them to go easy with chilli... Wow!.. .Phee! hot!...hot!

216-G Syed Alwi Rd #01-03

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