20 Oct 2009

Hakka Noodles,YTF,Soon Kway and Abacus

Hakka-style mee kia are quite thin noodles comes a bit flat but are not flat.The noodles itself are very QQ but slightly drier because of very less oil used,abit bland but comes top with tasty minced pork which add to the taste and flavour and it was so good .

It's Yong Tau Foo is quite a very meaty affair,with generous  fillings and servings,was very well balance with minced pork and fish paste.They just have stuff with fish paste which was equally good,All the fillings were very abundant and delicious.

The bitter gourd itself  was a about inch thick which was all  filled up.
The soup was very light and clear but tasty with lot of soya beans in it.The whole YTF was very siok!Can't get enough.$3.50.
Their Hakka Soon Kuehs  is quite different(they use yam as one of ingredients for making of the skin )from the more common Teochew ones.Sticky and chewy  not so thick nor thin texture  of the skin set them apart from the others. The fillings of turnips,mushrooms,dried shrimp,pork and black woodear fungus adding to a crunch inside goes along very well with chilli sauce.With more than plam size,plentiful of ingredients.this was mouthful and wonderful.$1.00
The Yam Abacus seeds had a springy texture with the crunchy black fungus strips, dried shrimp, minced meat and mushroom.Surely this is one of the  better and tasty one a around.Very good.$2.00
The Beef House
Gar Lok Eating House
217 Syed Alwi Road

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