6 Oct 2009

Meng Hui Satay Bee Hoon

I am not great fan of satay bee hoon maybe I did not eat at right place,to get a real good taste of it.Most of the one I tasted ,tasted more of like satay sauce,use for satay dip.

When you taste a good  satay bee hoon you know, it make whole lot of a difference.
The way sauce is made.It may look familiar  and may have slight taste of dip satay sauce.But mix it with bee hoon you have a entire different sensation in eating satay bee hoon with a very good blend of condiments with cuttlefish,prawns,pork slice ,liver, taw pok and cockles and veges.
Here the sauce is near to perfect not overly sweet just a touch of sweetness with the peanut sauce puree just enough to have very slight crunch with right amount of salt and seasoning.I always scoop to the last drop.It is so Yummmy.One of the best Satay Bee Hoon  to date.
Meng Hui Satay Bee Hoon
Albert food Centre. Temp market beside Bugis MRT.

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  1. I tried today it was very good.Thank You