5 Oct 2009

Pearl River Palace Restaurant

Please note his restaurant has closed it operations in this place.

10 years maybe 11 yrs ago we had our farewell gathering here.One last time with all our working friends.... company was closing down.memories are so painful yet so joyful.
Well this restaurant managed to survive all these years and still serves buffet at one of cheapest price, it still amazes me.
 Roast Crispy Pork,No fancy cut like most restaurant that cuts away half the meat away. This turn out to be a real surprise.The skin was soft not hard very crispy and meat was very juicy, marinated very well with the right amount of seasoning.It was simply fantastic.a real class WINNER really very siok.
Braised Shark's fin's Fin with Crab Roe,Dried Fish Maw and Enoki Mushrooms.When this was served I taken aback.On scooping it felt so thick and googly I never had shark fin like this before,I could taste the fin and fish maw.
Maybe if it was not this thick it could have been very good.Still not bad.One serving only for this dish.Lucky for me.

Steamed Siew Mai with Fish Roe.After ordering this did not feel like ordering any Dumpling.Not so good.

Steamed Pork Rids in Black Bean Sauce.The meat was not soft still hard,the accompanying pumpkin was nice though but still can't save the dish.Disappointing.
Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Pepper Sauce.This was okay quite good.

Steam Bun with Barbecued Pork.The bun was very soft, light and fluffy.But filling was very little you could hardly feel the bite.Was okay not bad.

Pan Fried Turnip Cake with Waxed Meat.This was very good with fried till a near perfect crispiness accompany by soft melt kind feel in your mouth with touch of meat.Very delicious.We had repeat order which turnout to be even better.A WINNER.Siok
Deep-Fried Marble Goby.It was very small crispy fish but with the just right amount sweetness and salt in the soy sauce.Had repeat order of this again.Was good.
Steamed Sea Bass with Superior Soy Sauce.The fish was steamed to perfection and sauce was great with just the right amount of sweetness and salt..A WINNER.
Had Steam Sea Bass with Black Bean Sauce.The fish was slightly over cooked but the black sauce was so good.It did not make much of different.Was very good.
Stir Fried Baby Squid and Scallop in X.O. Chilli Sauce.There was ample amount of Scallops and squid and cooked just right .Was very good.
Pork Floss Egg Plant  was very crispy and well balance with the pork floss. With a crispy crunch and the softness of the egg plant.This was very good.Another WINNER.
Wok Fried Spring Bean with Minced Meat the bean was fried well the minced was a tad salty.Was quite okay.
Sweet and Sour Pork With Pineapple.It was very sweet and meat was large and sliced.Disappointing
Had the Grilled Spare Rids with Chef's Special Sauce which was the same meat with even more sweetness  in it, not much different in sauce .Very disappointing
Fish Congee with Dried  Scallop.Was watery ,taste wise was okay.
Clay pot Beancurd with Seafood.The tau foo was soft with some fish,prawn and mussels lightly flavour with sauce.Was quite good.
Sauteed Prawn With Dried Chilli.Was sauteed with a light sweet sauce with crunchy big prawns,very tasty.Was very good.
Sauteed Sliced Lamb with Leek.The lamb was like minced meat and very bland, can't taste anything much.The leek was big that's all,nothing much in taste...can forget about ordering this dish.Not good.

Deep fried Chicken with Shrimp Pasted with Prawn Crackers.If looking for the shrimp paste taste you'll be disappointed but was fried was crispy and okay tasting.

Thick Soup of Seafood with Pumpkin and Beancurd.This was surprising, very good though I could not taste seafood in it.This was very tasty.. very good.

Dessert was self service  with quite number of items to choose from.

The standout would be Mango Pudding ,Osmanthus Jelly and fruits.

Osmanthus Jelly something we don't usually see nothing great but nice.

The service this day was very outstanding.I just sip a drink I got refilled and wait staff were friendly and
always on look out.Order came in reasonable time.I had very wonderful, pleasant lunch.
For price, this was a incredible value and outstanding buffet
Surely looking forward for next visit.

Pearl River Palace
Suntec City Level 3
Adult $28.00++
Child $24.00++

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