30 Oct 2009

Tekka FC Prata Pt 3 Final

These are last 2 prata stalls in Tekka Fc for my closing of pratas in this FC.
First Zam Zam Muslim Food not to mistaken it for the more famous Zam Zam Restaurant at North Bridge Rd.
There were already pre cooked pratas.Asked for a freshly made one ,pratas it came hot.
The plain was a bit chewy didn't have much crispiness.The egg was okay but still didn't have much crispiness.The curry was okay.
The pratas both the plain and egg both did not have much crispy feel.Both though were freshly grilled were  abit chewy.Still can eat.

Zam Zam Muslim Food

     The last of the Fc Prata Saga Sambal Brelada

The parta came slizzing hot was very well grilled.The plain one was crispy fluffy, was nice and good.The egg was very fluffy and crispy.The curry was okay no bones.

The pratas were good the curry was good.(At this time when I ate here.)
Prata Saga Sambal Brelada   01-258
Had a go at all the pratas stalls(pt.1,pt.2,pt.3) at the FC, the truth is, not one but all the pratas there are very inconsistent.You are not going to, eat the same tasting prata at any of the stalls to many transists cooks and even if the same cook is there,it does not taste the same as the other day.Not worth a trip, if think your are gonna get the same standard of pratas here.

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