10 Oct 2009

You Li

They were feature in Buzzing Cashier.A show that try's to help struggling hawkers improved their cooking and to help them make a decent living.By assigning top chefs from top hotels,restaurant eateries to teach them.
They  failed twice to impress the judges.On the third try,they won with gold metal only to be taken away on the very episode. They stripped of the gold metal for substandard cooking. 
Their rolling skill is still a long way out.Just can't understand why they can't seem to roll a simple popiah a bit tighter and nicer.

 This popiah did not taste like any other popiah ,it had a taste of it's own.Had a very instinct flavour of fried garlic with ample fillings of condiments but taste was something worth a try.It was really very good.$1.30
Since they were tested on 2 dishes. I had to taste the other dish too.

Though not big fan of mee saim I had to try it.Their mee siam was a another surprise.It had all the flavour of mee siam with right amount assam and sweetness but had a distinguish taste that made it abit different and unique by taste.I really did enjoy this dish too.$2.30
Well both the dish were quite different in taste and was worth my trip.

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