27 Nov 2009

Lian Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant.

This has to be my lucky catch..... 

Always thought there is nothing much near my place... my area. Usually I would travel to the east or other areas to have my hunger fix. Sometimes we just take a bus, take ride to nowhere when we see some makan shops or stall we get down ,to see what they have.So this evening we thought why not take feeder service and try out.Took a feeder service 806 from interchange,got down when saw this shop coffeeshop with bright lights and sign ,it was just welcoming us.There was quite decent crowd for a weekday.Hey,let's just eat la....

Deep Fried Large Intestine stuff with a spring Onion very cute.It was crispy outside,soft and tender inside  must be the spring onion.Was accompanied by cucumber achar and mayo sauce,I personally would have prefered with chilly sauce.It was  good.$10.00

24 Nov 2009

Al Mahboob Rojak

Colours of fried fritters arrange stacks by stacks. which was recommended to me by a friend.Who claim it to be one of the best around,.So I was taken to Tampines to try for myself.

21 Nov 2009


After North Point was revamp quite a number of new restaurants began their operation here.This was my second visit here. We were greeted by enthusiastic waitress upon entrance.Every waitress shouted 'welcome' in chinese(or were they scolding me ).You don't even have to read for they have pictures and prices tag, in the menu for all the entrees.
Roasted Chicken with Fresh Fruit Salad..The fruit salad was was mixed lightly with mayo was nice.The chicken  really took me by a surprise it was suckle, juicy very well flavoured and the skin,yes, the skin was paper thin crispy. A WINNER!!.$5.50

18 Nov 2009

Mun Chee Pig's Organ Soup...as good as you can have

Mention Pig's organ soup for those who never tried it's disgusting.For those who love it,it's another heavenly dish which we can just indulge with a simple rice any time of the day....
Have passed this place quite a number of occasion.This restaurant just opened about 2 months ago.It's very familiar name with a touch of modern, new, clean look,no aircon..Have tried other branches(Foch Rd ,Lavender Food Market).Read the papers saw an article Mr. Donald Tsang Hong Kong Chief Executive who was here attending the APEC meeting visited this restaurant for his dinner or supper.

14 Nov 2009

Hup Kee Fried Oyster Omelette

Indulge and fill in the sin add in the calories,
add the cholesterol.
This is a pure evil, unhealthy dish.
 Very bite adds calories and cholesterol.Yes!we having Oyster Omelett(Orh Luak).Made with watery potato starchy batter, eggs, oil .Fried to a light  crispy, added with fresh Oyster.In expert's hand turns out to be heavenly bites of eggy bits.

12 Nov 2009

From The rags Going For The Riches

I was suppose go to Bedok Interchange to meet a friend to help him buy a Hi Fi set.Started early, notice I had a a lot time I took a longer way to travel there.As traveling I passed by this this block number which looked familiar.Stop walked over notice a coffee shop.Saw this stall  which was feature in Buzzing Cashier.click hereThere was a decent queue and join the queue.Then there was longer queue behind me.

9 Nov 2009

Simply an Exclusively Mee Pok

This area just can't seem to stop,amazing me with a growing number of  good quality food along this street.This  place caught my eye for the day.
Ah Guan Mee Pok .$4.00,served  like a beautiful art came in a bowl with sliced fish cakes,a single liver,single piece dry sole fish,single scallop and a prawn which very fresh and crunchy with some cabbage and minced pork.

8 Nov 2009

Epok Epok Central

Epok Epok I used to call this curry pup not puff.Even now when I buy I ask for curry pup.Have hear about this place's epok epok for sometime .I went merry go around searching  for this place which was right under my nose couple of times before, just because I did not take down the name(address).This got address and got to the place.

6 Nov 2009

No Takeaways... Just Follow the Queue

 MEI XIANG FISH SOUP: Be Prepare to Queue
If you are not afraid of queues then come queue along for the  queue never ends till it closes.The queue starts even before they open , easily there will be least 15-20 people in the queue.But not be put down by the queue for the queue moves very fast.
 Black White $6.00 portion.

2 Nov 2009

Come Let'sTry Hand in Hand

When I had Bak Kut Teh at Leong Kee couple of times notice the restaurant just opposite this stall.Curious, have walk passed few times, finally decided to give a try.Come let's try Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant Very simple decor,small place nothing fancy but neat and clean....
Seaweed Tou Fu was very delightful with crispy top soft melts in mouth the sauce was simply wonderful.Very good.No... A WINNER.$9.80