21 Nov 2009


After North Point was revamp quite a number of new restaurants began their operation here.This was my second visit here. We were greeted by enthusiastic waitress upon entrance.Every waitress shouted 'welcome' in chinese(or were they scolding me ).You don't even have to read for they have pictures and prices tag, in the menu for all the entrees.
Roasted Chicken with Fresh Fruit Salad..The fruit salad was was mixed lightly with mayo was nice.The chicken  really took me by a surprise it was suckle, juicy very well flavoured and the skin,yes, the skin was paper thin crispy. A WINNER!!.$5.50

Shanghi Xiao Long Bao well this surprise me too.I could believe what I was saw Xiao long bao served in individual aluminum tray.Well kept a open mind tried.Too little soup in it, the meat was too much in it.This is all about skill.No no to  aluminum tray.$2.00 3pcs.

Steam Pork Dumpling with Chives the skin was thin smooth, it had the same amount of stock juice as Xiao long bao but this was very good, very nice taste with blend pork and chives.$2.00

Steam Dumpling Teochew Style.The filling was very nice with pork and had some nuts which I have not come across in this kind of a dumpling before. The nuts was very crunchy and added to flavour and taste.Very nice.A WINNER!!!.$2.00

Pan Fried Pork Dumpling was good.$4.00 3pcs
Crispy Beancurb Skin Roll with Prawn had slight crisp was good.$2.20

Steam Vermicelli Roll with Barbequed Pork.The vermicelli was very soft smooth light,the filling was good but the sauce was way too salty.$3.20

Steam Vermicelli Roll with Chinese Fritters.The fritters was very hard and it was the same sauce.Not ordering again.$3.00

Pan Fried Turnip Cake with Chinese Sausage and Dried Shrimp was way too average.$2.00

Minced Pork Congee with Fresh Egg,Barley and Mashed Carrot.Though not as smooth some places,it was grainy but there was something in it that made it very tasty.It was very good.$5.00

Steam Pork Ribs with Black Bean.It had some dried beancurb which was nice.The ribs was soft very well balance and seasoned..It was very good.$2.00

Spiced Chicken Feet with Peanuts was very nice very well balanced and peanuts added a extra touch.Very good.$2.00

Tempura of Assorted Vegetable. Had crispy and crunchy batter but the veges did not have any flavour .Was okay.$7.00

Sorry next 3 photos accidentally changed camera mode pictures quality not good.
Spiced Flavoured Sour Soup Shredded Pork Dofu and Mushroom.Was okay.$4.50

Noodle Served Dried Topped with 2 choice of Roasted Meat.The noodles were very QQ with a perfect texture, the light sauce was tasty,the meat was good.It was very good.$7.50

Roasted Pork La Mian served in dry with special Meat Sauce.The la mian (noodles)were very QQ slippery, roasted pork was good the sauce blended nicely.Was very good.$7.80

Baked D24 Durian Tarts.This was a surprise with nice custard on top with durian filling inside was very uniquely tasty.The pastry was like a powdery  flaky,a bite it crumbs easily in the mouth, for the price.A WINNER!!.$2.20

mayim chinese cuisine
North Point Shopping Centre.


  1. wow...every dish looks mouth-watering. The durian tarts....first time I heard...must be the best tart in the world.....yum

  2. Durian tarts quite common but durian puffs and cakes are more popular here.come down have a bite.