24 Nov 2009

Al Mahboob Rojak

Colours of fried fritters arrange stacks by stacks. which was recommended to me by a friend.Who claim it to be one of the best around,.So I was taken to Tampines to try for myself.

They do sell other things also but they more famous for their rojak,Well I think the scare of of Geylang rojak has died down by looking at order of the people before me,it's self service,take your fritter pass to the stall man and wait for least 25-40mins.Yes that's how long the queue was but you don't see the any queue,just pass your order and wait for him to call you.

The fitters,cuttlefish, tau fu were refried upon order but all tasted very fresh, fritters were crispy and nice.
The sauce can taste sesame seeds.Sorry, it was just way too sweet to taste any thing or to appreciate it.The fritters were all very good but the sauce you have to have a sweet tooth not for me.And the price a shocker $23.50.Which would cost me around maybe around $10.00 or below at any other place.This is far most the most expensive Indian rojak I had.

Al Mahboob Rojak
 Blk 506 Tampines Central 1
Inside S11 Food Court.


  1. whah....a totally different rojak from the usual ones that I saw. I love all the fritters and that lovely sauce....mmmm. I would really love to have that now.

  2. Very colorful dish here. Wishing I had some to eat right now!

  3. Mary,this is call Indian Rojak very commonly available in most Indian stalls.
    Chef,pls come over here you can have all you want.