2 Nov 2009

Come Let'sTry Hand in Hand

When I had Bak Kut Teh at Leong Kee couple of times notice the restaurant just opposite this stall.Curious, have walk passed few times, finally decided to give a try.Come let's try Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant Very simple decor,small place nothing fancy but neat and clean....
Seaweed Tou Fu was very delightful with crispy top soft melts in mouth the sauce was simply wonderful.Very good.No... A WINNER.$9.80

Deep Fried Scallion Pastry was crispy and flaky.was good.
promotional price$2.50

Fish Dumpling. I thought I was eating pork dumpling,did not  have much fish taste.But skin was soft smooth light it was tasty.But it was much like a pork dumpling.$5.80 for 8pcs.nice

Mini Steam Dumpling or Xiao Long Bao.This was really very good the skin was thin soft you can the see soup almost translucent. You lift it the skin is still very resilient ,all the stock were still intact .The soup was just heavenly surely one of best I have tried the meat was equally tasty.$4.80 for 5pcs.A WINNER!

I thought this might be the fish dumpling.No,this is Chive Pork Dumpling,which we order too.  The skin was soft ,smooth, light.The seasoning was good the juices flowed with a bite was nice and tasty.I love chives, so it was very good.
$4.80 for 8pcs

Steam Sea Bass Teochew Style.It was steam very well, the fish was very fresh, the was sauce was tasty.But was it teochew style?Never the less it was nice and tasty.Was very good.$19.80

After we finish the last dish , we wanted to order more but the wait staff who came over to serve an other table(only 1 table with 4 people were there) was not even giving us a glance, he always at his back to us when serving the other table as though on purpose.We were trying to get the attention of the staff, to of no use.No one came to change plates or  take orders or to clear the  table.We waited for about 25mins got up pay at the counter. Disappointing attitude.Good food....I might go again I think.

Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant
141-143 Jalan Besar  
At the junction of Hindoo and Jln Besar


  1. mmm...everthing here makes me drool. I love that tofu. Have been missing it a lot. Right, hope to cook it today if I have time. I haven't tried those xiao long pao yet....so poor thing huh. I know how to make those dumplings so I don't quite miss them. Love the steamed fish too. Gosh...suddenly I feel hungry...all because of your blog...LOL

  2. How could you not tried xiao long pao,you have missed one of standard value measuring dish in a eatery.