8 Nov 2009

Epok Epok Central

Epok Epok I used to call this curry pup not puff.Even now when I buy I ask for curry pup.Have hear about this place's epok epok for sometime .I went merry go around searching  for this place which was right under my nose couple of times before, just because I did not take down the name(address).This got address and got to the place.

  I was lucky they were putting the freshly fried pile on the tray.The epok epok was smaller than expected but the outer skin was very light, crispy, nice ,tasty. The potatoes filling was very lightly spiced and mellowly smooth tasting and was very good.It was very old school but lighter and crispier.$1.00 3pcs.

 Sardine fillings was mostly filled with onion with traces of  sardine which i think most have accepted has sardine filling for epok epok.But was very good in it's own if don't mind onion.$1.00 3pcs.

Epok epok with egg, was sightly bigger than sardine and potato epok epok but with the same filling as the potato with less than quarter piece egg.050cents each.
The potato epok epok makes more sense.

Goreng pisang was using older style, kind of batter which did not have much crsipiness but was okay.$1.00 3pcs.

Nasi Lemak(coconut rice) was all packed in a paper wrap.With a slice of cucumber,sambal ,fish, ikan billis and rice.  It simple nothing to shout about had a old school taste which I was search for a long time ,surely was very happy .very good for me.$1.20 per pack.
Most of the taste were quite old school.If you are into old school don't miss it.

Epok Epok Central
4A Eunos Cres #01-09


  1. Just all the food that I miss. I miss those sardine epok epok or puffs as we call it. And that nasi lemak too...mmmm. I nedd to cook again. Some times I wish I can just go out and buy but sadly there's no Malaysian food shop here.

  2. Poor Mary.That why I posting eating pleasures, you are posting recipes.ha ha