12 Nov 2009

From The rags Going For The Riches

I was suppose go to Bedok Interchange to meet a friend to help him buy a Hi Fi set.Started early, notice I had a a lot time I took a longer way to travel there.As traveling I passed by this this block number which looked familiar.Stop walked over notice a coffee shop.Saw this stall  which was feature in Buzzing Cashier.click hereThere was a decent queue and join the queue.Then there was longer queue behind me.

Bought both the white and roasted chicken.The white steam chicken was soft and very tender.In fact it was way too soft for must have dipped once too often in the water.But still saw many people indulging on the white chicken.Maybe it's me.
The roasted chicken was almost as perfect as it can get.It was so flavoursome juicy suckling very tasty,the skin slightly crispy beautiful... wow wonderful.The sprinkle of sauce and chicken was awesomely good.This is really amazing, it is surely amount the top roasted chickens in a chicken rice stall.A WINNER!!!
Here is the real star of the stall the rice.Yes!the flavoured rice was simply awesome it might well as consider as perfect as it can get.It was so flavoursome you can taste the stock of the chicken in very grain.Very grain parted easily,cooked to a almost perfect texture,very bite was wonderfully oomph!It been so long, I went ga ga over  some RICE.I already went 4 times,in 2 weeks.Soooo goood!A WINNER!!!
The soup was old school with some cabbage,was very tasty.Drank till the last drop.Very good.
This guy is surely on his way up with his new found recipe and fame.
This is like fairytale from the rages he is surely going for the riches
Whole Chicken $20.00/Rice .50 cents per plate.

Sheng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice.
Blk704 Bedok Reservoir Rd


  1. I love the steamed Hainanese chic rice. I have to learn that. I usually cooked the roasted type at home. It's quite a while since I last cooked that.

  2. It's so easy I am sure can do.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZuRR7ijrWM