27 Nov 2009

Lian Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant.

This has to be my lucky catch..... 

Always thought there is nothing much near my place... my area. Usually I would travel to the east or other areas to have my hunger fix. Sometimes we just take a bus, take ride to nowhere when we see some makan shops or stall we get down ,to see what they have.So this evening we thought why not take feeder service and try out.Took a feeder service 806 from interchange,got down when saw this shop coffeeshop with bright lights and sign ,it was just welcoming us.There was quite decent crowd for a weekday.Hey,let's just eat la....

Deep Fried Large Intestine stuff with a spring Onion very cute.It was crispy outside,soft and tender inside  must be the spring onion.Was accompanied by cucumber achar and mayo sauce,I personally would have prefered with chilly sauce.It was  good.$10.00

Sambal Kang Kong was a done  quite differently with a blanch of chilly and sauce with bits of crispy fried pork fat with every bite was very nicely done.Was very good.$6.00
Deep fried Grouper in Special Dark Sauce.Was on promotional price recommended by the waitstaff.The fish was quite big, very fresh tasting with very light sweetness in sauce was done very nicely.$16.00
Sambal Mussels.Order a small plate but portion very big.And Wow this was so good the chilly sauce brought back memories of my yesteryear.It was done almost as perfect as it could be with the right amount of light sweetness with almost perfect chilly paste and thickness.$6.00

Hot Plate Home madeTau Fu in Minched Pork and Prawns.The Tau Fu was very light soft silky it just slides through mouth,the sauce was done nicely came boiling with heat on hot pan, was very siok.Another small order with big portion.$8.00
Bee Hoon. Nowadays, number of places I have eaten just don't wok fry the been hoon first.So  I was pleasantly happy to see a wok work done on the bee hoon before the sauce was added.It was a big portion for the price,with enough ingredients of fish,prawn.cuttlefish,pork and veges.It was heavenly.for the price.$3.50

Most of dishes here suited  very well to my taste . I  sure I am going back again.

Blk 417 Yishun Ave 11
Kim Sa Leng Food Centre
Lian Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant.


  1. I love everything here....very much...except the stuffed large intestines. Too long I didn't eat those stuff, don't really feel like eating them any more. Just how strange taste buds change.

  2. Agreed somethings needs getting use to it.I just got used to large intestines.BUT my favourite is small intestine.Ha ha..ha

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