18 Nov 2009

Mun Chee Pig's Organ Soup...as good as you can have

Mention Pig's organ soup for those who never tried it's disgusting.For those who love it,it's another heavenly dish which we can just indulge with a simple rice any time of the day....
Have passed this place quite a number of occasion.This restaurant just opened about 2 months ago.It's very familiar name with a touch of modern, new, clean look,no aircon..Have tried other branches(Foch Rd ,Lavender Food Market).Read the papers saw an article Mr. Donald Tsang Hong Kong Chief Executive who was here attending the APEC meeting visited this restaurant for his dinner or supper.

He had Pig organ's soup, so did I.A clear soup with lean pork, fatty pork (belly meat), stomach, liver,meat balls,tau kwa with salted vegetable. (no intestines a bit disappointed.)

The soup was very well balance with light tangy sourness,very flavoursome.The innards were all cooked to almost to near perfect tenderness.The meat balls needs special mention,it had this fresh taste bite bursting with flavour and tasted wonderful.Serving was generous with big cuts.,the chilli complimented  very well.Very good.$3.50(small portion)

Steam Minced Pork Patty with Water Chestnut.I did not think much of it but turn out to be a real deal.Garnished with peanuts the patty was season very well, steam to near perfection juicy,simple but was very good with chucks of chestnuts adding bites and taste to it. For the price.A WINNER!!$2.00
Braised Peanut was very good not too soft just the right texture.$2.00
Steam Minced Pork Patty with Water Chestnut and Salted Fish was the same patty as the one with chestnut.Topped with bits of salted fish and steamed. Giving it salty fish flavour taste..Was very good.$3.00

A nice, clean ,spacious place.And the prices here are a bit cheaper than the main branch.

mun chee
207 Jalan Besar Road
At the Junction of
Jalan Besar and Sam Leong Road.


  1. we used to eat a lot of pig's internal organs when we were young. They were cheap and also my mom said they are good for our bodies. We really enjoyed eating them. But it has been too many years since I last ate them. Hope to try them again one day.

  2. I love all the dishes here. The stewed peanuts look sooooo goood...would be great with porridge.

  3. Nowadays they not cheap and can be quite expensive even at rundown stall.

  4. Wow, I would love to try this some day. Great post!

  5. Thanks!Yes, you should try this one.

  6. If I ever leave Singapore for good, pigs organ soup will be one of the things I will miss terribly. Love this! I remember a very, very long time ago, they used to include coagulated pig's blood in it. Not anymore. Such a pity!

  7. Thought you might want to know - because of your post, I'm now rushing to the market to see if I can get pork belly, liver, intestines and salted vegetable to make this :D Shiok!

  8. Certainly pigs blood I miss too and can't find in Singapore anymore.And more more places are not adding intestine too.It so sad.