6 Nov 2009

No Takeaways... Just Follow the Queue

 MEI XIANG FISH SOUP: Be Prepare to Queue
If you are not afraid of queues then come queue along for the  queue never ends till it closes.The queue starts even before they open , easily there will be least 15-20 people in the queue.But not be put down by the queue for the queue moves very fast.
 Black White $6.00 portion.

.If you are like me and love your fish soup with full of ooomph,welcome to Mei Xiang fish soup.There are 2 version White and Black White.White is all fresh fish.My portion is named Black White set,which is thick sliced fresh fish and batter fried fish combine with vegetables and bit of fried eggs,comes with a bowl of rice.(you cannot buy fish soup alone, all comes with rice).The portion is more than enough for 2 people, if you reasonable eater. The white fish was very fresh ,smooth,juicy simply mouth watering delicious.The fried batter fish(is with bones) was very well season,so tasty, it intensely add flavour and taste to my soup.Simply Yummy. A WINNER!!!
Pls note: there are no takeaways here even if you bring your own carrier pot they don't entertain.If want you have to buy as per normal then take one side pour yourself in in the carrier pot.(Maybe a reason why queue moves very fast.)Even extra chilli you have to pay.

Mei Xiang Fish Soup
Stall 44
Jalan Berseh Food Centre
Short operating hrs
11.30 am to sold out( maybe2.00- 2.30p.m)
On 2 occasion  at 1.00 pm they ran out of white fish soup


  1. that fish soup looks delicious, sometimes I don't mind lining up too if the food is really good :)

  2. that's just what I know my family would love. I wish they sell this dish here. Sounds so delicious ans so good business. May be I should learn to cook this and sell here....haha.

  3. I am very sure. you sure can do it.