9 Nov 2009

Simply an Exclusively Mee Pok

This area just can't seem to stop,amazing me with a growing number of  good quality food along this street.This  place caught my eye for the day.
Ah Guan Mee Pok .$4.00,served  like a beautiful art came in a bowl with sliced fish cakes,a single liver,single piece dry sole fish,single scallop and a prawn which very fresh and crunchy with some cabbage and minced pork.

The Mee Pok was soft QQ and had a uniquely nice texture and on in own was very good,the chilli was very nicely good not spicy but tasty,added more to the flavour of the dish.
The whole dish was very nice and very tasty.And soup was very tasty too.But the mee pok was very much  a small serving.Not enough.

Not enough had Ah Guan Mee Pok(Additional) $5.00 Portion with extra  ingredients was just 2 slices of fish added.With the same portion of serving.Hmm!
Not to give up had Ah Guan Mee Pok(Crayfish).$7.00 was with crayfish the a bit more extra ingredients not that much.But was still very good..But price for this dish seems a bit over.

Special Bean Crud $4.50.The Bean Crud was nicely crispy and very soft mellow inside but  the sauce was very average almost like Thai sweet sauce.But bean curb was very good.For the price it's still a very good value. 
Long Xu Pig Trotters $8.00.This was a  huge portion near half length of an arm.The meat itself was  fried very well crispy  juicy, suckling,tasty and was good on it's own.But the sauce is the same as the Bean Crud.Maybe if it was in different sauce it would have been great.A tasty trotter on it's own, super value but let down by the sauce.But still worth more than price.

The Teochew Dumpling Soup $3.00.You get 6 dumplings which was still bit hard with a good fillings.The soup was fantastic very nice and tasty.
The Scallop with Chicken Porridge$5.00.This too watery and grainy for my liking with average taste in broth.
Bread toast was very well toasted, crispy with a nice kaya and butter .Had extra 4 orders of this really loved it.And very cheap la. 0.70 cents only .
Without  a doubt the simply a Exclusively  Mee Pok .Sure to go back again.                                                                          
69  Syed Alwi Road.


  1. oh no....this is so painful to look. I wish there's somewhere nearby that I can just run to buy! I really love all these hawker food. You are so lucky!

  2. I too prefer hawker food more, than restaurant.

  3. Mmm, that looks delicious. I love Asian dishes with a bunch of everything in them. Those Vietnamese bowls with the vermicelli noodles and the grilled pork and prawns are delicious.

  4. a web video about this stall from Makansutra. Got history one. :)