7 Dec 2009


.There was  loud music going on and continue queue forming and a mass crowd  gathering around throughout my stroll there.Out of curiosity I just  had a look to see what they were having, had shock it was not a great Singapore sale,it was bubble tea.And I thought the bubble tea craze was all over and over the hill.But  there seems to be still quite a market for it .This stall had very clean hip look, all in black outfit.With a fancy name Koi Cafe.

They had a long list of drinks name. I just try 2 to see what the fuss is about.I had Koi Coffee with bubbles(pearls) .The coffee was strong, taste was very distinct, creamy nice,the pearls were chewy fresh and quite tasty and the best thing, you can control the sugar level  and I asked for 1/4 sugar level which just right for me.
My other drink was red milk tea with coconut jelly.Had a very good thick tea flavour,lightly creamy and the coconut jelly was nice.I made mistake of 1/2 sugar which was still too sweet for me.The prices seems steep but the quality is there better than most of  other bubble tea stalls.Here it does taste like coffee and tea. Sure good for another try...
Koi Cafe
190A Toa Payoh Central


  1. If my children see this pearl milk tea, I think their eyes will be glued to it. It's always the first thing they want when we go back for holiday. I want it, too.

  2. I love pearl drinks..I love the flavors that you chose; the red milk tea with coconut jelly sounds really good to me :)

  3. Not only children most of the people queuing are mostly adults include me too.
    I usually have mine with jelly than pearls.

  4. I've heard of bubble tea, but not in coffee! Interesting indeed, not sure where to find this in our area, but willing to make an adventure out of it soon!!!

  5. Name is bubble tea but they alot of other flavour chocolate,moca,mango,strawnberry.etc,etc.