22 Dec 2009

Siang Hee Restaurant

Was at SGH with visiting a friend with some friends.After the visit a friend suggested this place which is  very popular for their Pumpkin Prawns.Having heard about this place before we all agreed to go for lunch there.

The food was served very fast. First came the Pumpkin Prawns the prawns were very crispy had very good crunch, was more to a tempura prawns, the sauce was more off buttery,really can't taste any pumpkin but did taste quite differently.But over all it was good but didn't really wow us  .Butter Cream Prawns with Pumpkin Sauce.$12.00
Specialty Beancurd came top with some mushroom,carrots and gourds.Had a slight crisp on top,soft , melts in your mouth, was very nice and tasty the tau fu itself was very good but could have done better with the sauce,which too light and simple.$8.00
Deep Fried Pork Knuckle was very crispy with crackling skin ,slightly on a dry side,no traces of oil with a very simple light sweet sauce which I don't think matched the dish.The first few bites tasted wonderful but can get overpowering taste of the spice after a few bites, can get bit jialak. But never the less, it was one better fried pork knuckle around.$15.00
Sambal Kang Kong was fried well with very light sambal taste.Though it didn't taste much like sambal kang kong.I did enjoyed it.$5.00
Seafood Soup was very simple with 4 small prawns,few slices of fish and chye sim.$5.00
Bee Hoon was very simple in taste.$3.00
Most of the dishes were very simple  home like taste.Maybe  my expectation was very high with so many high reviews by many.

Siang Hee Restaurant

Blk 89 Zion Road

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