29 Dec 2009

Sin Kee Nasi Lemak

Though  I have eaten here quite a number of times at this food centre, really didn,t think much,till it hit me how good some of the foods at certain stalls was.It would only be justify to mention some of the stalls on my forthcoming....makans.

 This stall has it's own following of faithful patrons there is always a decent queue.The normal set is served with chicken wings,ikan billis,egg,a piece of cucumber and sambal.$2.00.Mine was added items of a fish and long beans.

  The rice was cooked to almost perfect texture with the right amount of lemak(coconut milk)It was fully cooked but still had a under cooked bite in it..It is one best lemak rice I have tasted.The wings were still crispy and nice,the fish(ikan kunning) is surely one of best I have had in a nasi lemak stall with slightly spiced and fried just right,the bean were very good,the fried ikan billis were crispy and very crunchy and egg was normal.The sambal is awesome not hot,not very spicy but just right with slight sweetness.It was simply one of the better nasi lemak around.
The serving of the rice is, quite a small portion but maybe it's me, always not enough.My portion was $3.10
Sin Kee Nasi Lemak
Pek Kio Food Centre.

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