10 Dec 2009

Still Standing... Pukul Mati (eat till you drop dead)

Indian Vegetarian Rice Set

With Komala villas and Ananda Bavan who use to be forerunners in this market ,went upmarket and prices to match their present image.You will be hard pressed to find a eating place serving cheap indian vegetarian rice set with decent accompanying side dishes and decent price.Known as Pukul Mati makan. (eat till you drop dead)
If you feel like stuffing yourself silly, till you can't move.If  like to eat or try Indian vegetarian rice and you can eat a ton.There is this place....
In a rundown shop houses along Cuff Road.A very  last standing of one or two eating place still serving Indian Vegetarian Rice (pukul mati) which  use to be very common, is a dying off fast. And who can blame them if got a pal like mine who took me to this place.

Nothing fancy simple meal served on banana leave of rice accompanied by 4 side vegetables dishes,papadums with 4 types of gravy,sambar,rasam,morro(watery butter milk ),dal,sour curry(onion curry,vathal curry,beans curry etc,changes daily),achar and small sweet payasam dessert (1 serving only) .You can eat  as much as you can like mini buffet. The vegetables dishes changes daily .The gravy sambar,rasam,dal are permanent only sour curries changes.

By my standard I am considered a very big eater. I had one large serving of rice divide to 2 portion,2 different gravy each portion with three refill of vegetables and 4 papadums.My pal(who is quite skinny) had four serving of rice refill, each  portion as big as the first with different gravies each time.And the vegetables refill was countless more than 10 times stop counting after that and more than 10 papadums.He sure can eat like a hungry cow.And I can assure he is not related to one.But can eat like one.Ha...ha ..ha

2 days later he dragged  me there again.He was not happy eating so little the other time.My poor hungry pal better not said about him since he is always hungry.
The veges are usually over cooked but goes very well the rice and the gravies  If you are heavy eater, used to or like to try eating Indian Vegetarian Rice. This is a place you must go.I really did enjoy the meal very much, very nice, very filling, can't eat anything after that meal skipped dinner.Take my pal, along you will have no regrets, have learn from him how eat.$4.00

Santhi Vilas
No.8 Cuff Road.


  1. That's an interesting rice set. I haven't seen anything as such. A healthy meal.

  2. Healthy not sure cause this kind of meal we stuff ourselves silly.

  3. Those sauces looks great! Now I am craving rice!