30 Aug 2009

Hai Tien Lo Weekend a la carte Buffet Brunch.

It was a rainy day ,took the lift to the 37 flr as the lift moved it seem slow with beautiful  rain filled view.But were there in no time. Was here giving my sis a birthday treat and we went for the weekend a la carte buffet brunch.

                                 A beautiful rain drops view from the lift. 

We order all the Chef's signature dishes first. All one serving only....

Bird nest tarts.The bird nest itself was tasteless the tart was quite okay.Hey it's Bird's Nest so I am enjoying.

  Imperial Lobster Dumpling. Was big and had chucks of lobsters inside.To be honest and could not taste it was lobster or big prawns.They said Lobster so must be lobster.Nice feeling eating lobster.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat. Had lot fins and crab meat as you can see.
It tasted like normal but I never had a buffet with so much  Shark's fins and crab in the soup  .This a alone could cover near half the buffet price.Shoik! la

The next forth coming dishes all can be

28 Aug 2009

Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee

In  earlier days I did not really like Hokkien Mee.Felt it was over cooked and gooey but somehow along the line I really got hooked to it.Now I grown to appreciate Hokkien Mee.
 It  may  look like  a simple to cook dish, but believe me it takes a great big deal of skill, to cook this what seems to be, like over cooked soggy  mee with all the flavour blend together giving a distinguish yummy delicious taste.