29 Sep 2009

Tekka FC Pratas pt 2

                                  Janatul Roti Prata
                         THIS STALL IS CLOSED.
The new kid on the block,a new stall which just started operation less than 2 weeks .With newspaper advertisement printed on the sign broad itself "Janatul Roti Prata formly Janantul Jalan Kayu Roti Prata "
The prata was grilled severed hot.The plain prata was crispy outside quite soft inside,the one with egg was very good too. The curry complimented the prata very well

The prata was easily torn apart .

26 Sep 2009

Lao Ji Cooked Food(Ah Loo Cooked Food)

This stall seem to be closed all the time.I was searching for this stall high and low in Chinatown F.C.. I either went too early or too late.Yes, they do open but their opening hrs are very short .Maybe open for less than 2 hrs that's how fast their stock finishes with a never ending Q  helping out for a early closing hours.

Eaten at FC. .It's drizzle with a slightly watery sauce soft  and smooth it slides and just melts in your mouth.

23 Sep 2009

Hock Lee FishBall Kway Teow Mee

The taste of real  fresh Fishball does leave a tingly sensation, a bite the freshness of ocean brust in the mouth..
 The noodle are  well done the chilli is good have extra chiili with dash tomato sauce it brings out some hidden flavours from within.The star fishball is one of best I tried. It's soft,springy with tingly falvour.A bite the juiciness of fish that comes in mouth is not achived by a lot of fishball stalls or vendor.

19 Sep 2009

Tekka FC Pratas

Little India infested with a lot of Indian foods. Went to Tekka FC to have breakfast. Pratas!.There are  quite a  number of stalls selling pratas here.Tried the some of the pratas stalls.Today I tried 2 stalls.Tekka FC not sure of name but stall no.01-224.

There were some already fried pratas there,ask the guy to make a fresh prata .The prata came hot, still sizzing,It was fluffy easy to tear a part.

14 Sep 2009

Kims Noodles

Along Balestier Rd there is a small run down coffeeshop.Situated  at juction of Balestier and Dusun Rd In this coffeeshop there is small stall selling one of best minced pork noodles
The noodles are done la dent just right.Served with minced pork,sliced pork, liver, a single fishball and meatballs. The chlli is a main stuff that makes or breaks a standard of bor chor mee.

12 Sep 2009

AFE Delights Hainaese Deboned Chcken Rice

Feel like eating  chicken rice .Well here is a place that can give any top chicken rice stall a run for their money.

The chicken they use looks abit smaller than most chicken rice stall use. The chicken is very well boiled to near perfection.It's boneless chicken they  use to even debone the wings before after some complain they stop it. The flesh has a very nice savoury flavour, so soft smooth tender juicy it practically  just slides through your mouth.The sauce is another winner it's light

8 Sep 2009

Leong Kee( Klang) Bak Kut Teh

Please note this Branch has closed.1/10/10
I never image I would take herbal Bak Kut Teh..I have tried once before long long time ago and swear never will touch again herbal soup. Just can't take anything that is bitter.Now here I am staring at all these which might have bitter herbs in it..I always try keep a mind open about food and will try to give a second try.
The Bak Kut Teh soup came pipping hot still boiling when place on the table.The Bak Kut Teh was served with dried tau kaw with ribs that had some huge chucks of meat on it. Had a scoop,

6 Sep 2009

Teochew St. Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles

Was at Chinatown Food Centre,looking for Lao Ji yam cake at lunch time.Well it was closed.This stall caught my eye with decent Q waiting in line.I came back in around 4.30p.m for the yam cake.I notice there was still a decent Q at this stall.Decided  to join the Q.

Served with decent topping of  a single prawn,3 small sliced pork,2 small pcs of liver braised mushrooms,minced pork with lard and 2 tiny pcs crispy sole fish with

5 Sep 2009

Tay Hing Kee Fatty Fried Kway Teow

This stall was supposedly reopen and manned by his son now 8/7/11.click

It's Fried Char Kway Teow.It is served with a special gravy sauce.

The fried kway teow comes with some prawns, fish cake and cockles The fried kway teow on it's own without the gravy was quite good with minimum flavouring of kway teow,you don't taste much of the sweetness or other sauces that goes into it.But it's fried in way it that reminds me of char kway teows some 30 yrs back.With the gravy sauce  it transforms into something special,it  makes it a wetter version of the fried kway teow and does taste different from your normal char kway teow, it was very good.It's quite old school way of frying.Most older folks will like it.It brought back some memories.....$3.00

Tay Hing Kee
Fried Kway Teow
209, Jalan Besar                                         
Juction of Sam Leong Road and Jln Besar