31 Oct 2009

Anson Chee Cheong Fun

 Walking along a path way along some shop houses.Saw a sign with a familiar name but the picture looked interesting.So you think you have tried different variety of Chee Cheong Fun.

Here comes a black and white star,Ipoh Anson Chee Cheong Fun. Looking nothing like the normal chee cheong fun,severed without the black sauce but with some separate chilli sauce .

30 Oct 2009

Tekka FC Prata Pt 3 Final

These are last 2 prata stalls in Tekka Fc for my closing of pratas in this FC.
First Zam Zam Muslim Food not to mistaken it for the more famous Zam Zam Restaurant at North Bridge Rd.
There were already pre cooked pratas.Asked for a freshly made one ,pratas it came hot.

28 Oct 2009

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Met to some friends  at Causeway Point,after some chat decide pay to a visit to one of many restaurants there,Crystal Jade Kitchen.Greeted by a friendly wait staff ,the ambiance is more of family restaurant  with simple decor.We were seated right beside wait staff order counter the couch kind seat straight high ,after awhile were not very comfortable.But still manage to go through our lunch.
Order some dishes.First to come was I thought was a bean curd dish. Which had quite a interesting match of ingredients and taste which I was not able figure out first.It turn out to be Assorted  mushroom, preserve vegetable with Gluten.The mixture had very unique taste after a few bites it started taste wonderful.

22 Oct 2009

Briyani Or Is It Gee Rice

Beach Road Briyani

Briyani  has I know was used to be cooked with the meat and rice together to get the whole  fragrance of the meat and the masala .Basmatic rice is a must for briyani is half cooked or 1/4 cooked.The meat usually is mutton is cooked with blend of masala mix.Then is added to rice rice layer by layer.Rice on top add cooked mutton sprinkle with milk with saffron,gee, fried oninons,parsley,mint leaves, etc. And repeat the process till all the rice the and mutton is used.The pot is sealed thightly is place on top of fire and burning charcoal on top of the pot and cooked till the rice is fully cooked.
Nowadays we don't come across so much  of this briyani which is now called dum briyani because of the long work involved .(And even when I come across a dum briyani is very sub standard.)
Nowadays we can easily find the so call  briyani which was use to be called Gee Rice.Where the rice  and meat are cooked separately and add together when serve,which we are more used to nowadays.And are equally tasty.
The  basmatic rice was very fragrance,fluffy,firm and soft,cooked to near perfect grain.You can smell the fragrance from a distance.The mutton cooked with the masala was not very spicy,was soft,tender,slided of the bone easily,it was seasoned very well ,the gravy  blended very well with the rice.
Served with a very little achar cumuber and dalcha.It was simply...delicious..yummy!!Surely amount the better briyanis around.$4.50 

Some of the dish,are not everyday items,you have asked them what's special, for the day.They don't ask, whether if you want,the special for the day. The special I had,masala  mutton and chicken kurma were expectationally  good.

 Mohammed Muslim Food
Blk 17 Beach Road.
Basmati Rice on Foodista

20 Oct 2009

Hakka Noodles,YTF,Soon Kway and Abacus

Hakka-style mee kia are quite thin noodles comes a bit flat but are not flat.The noodles itself are very QQ but slightly drier because of very less oil used,abit bland but comes top with tasty minced pork which add to the taste and flavour and it was so good .

17 Oct 2009

Da Lian Traditional Noodles

With so many growing number of good quality food along Syed Alwi Rd .I just had to go back along this area to try some of the food stalls along this road.Came across this stall
The noodles are done in Teochew style.The noodles came top with a whole lot of ingredients with 3 fresh prawns,2 fishballs,2meatball,2 fish dumplings,sliced fish cakes,mushrooms,2 pcs of dry sole fish with sliced pork and minced meat.

13 Oct 2009

Freshly made Hong Kong Style Zhu Chang Fen

Zhu Chang Fen which is more commonly known as Chee Cheong Fun, made freshly tastes is so much different from the ones that kept in steamer for hours or days.Made right in front you when you order ,the batter is pour add with any one condiments which are prawns, char siew,mushroom and chicken .Comes out  super soft slippery,smooth as silk.

10 Oct 2009

You Li

They were feature in Buzzing Cashier.A show that try's to help struggling hawkers improved their cooking and to help them make a decent living.By assigning top chefs from top hotels,restaurant eateries to teach them.
They  failed twice to impress the judges.On the third try,they won with gold metal only to be taken away on the very episode. They stripped of the gold metal for substandard cooking. 
Their rolling skill is still a long way out.Just can't understand why they can't seem to roll a simple popiah a bit tighter and nicer.

6 Oct 2009

Meng Hui Satay Bee Hoon

I am not great fan of satay bee hoon maybe I did not eat at right place,to get a real good taste of it.Most of the one I tasted ,tasted more of like satay sauce,use for satay dip.

When you taste a good  satay bee hoon you know, it make whole lot of a difference.

5 Oct 2009

Pearl River Palace Restaurant

Please note his restaurant has closed it operations in this place.

10 years maybe 11 yrs ago we had our farewell gathering here.One last time with all our working friends.... company was closing down.memories are so painful yet so joyful.
Well this restaurant managed to survive all these years and still serves buffet at one of cheapest price, it still amazes me.
 Roast Crispy Pork,No fancy cut like most restaurant that cuts away half the meat away. This turn out to be a real surprise.The skin was soft not hard very crispy and meat was very juicy, marinated very well with the right amount of seasoning.It was simply fantastic.a real class WINNER really very siok.
Braised Shark's fin's Fin with Crab Roe,Dried Fish Maw and Enoki Mushrooms.When this was served I taken aback.On scooping it felt so thick and googly I never had shark fin like this before,I could taste the fin and fish maw.