29 Dec 2009

Sin Kee Nasi Lemak

Though  I have eaten here quite a number of times at this food centre, really didn,t think much,till it hit me how good some of the foods at certain stalls was.It would only be justify to mention some of the stalls on my forthcoming....makans.

 This stall has it's own following of faithful patrons there is always a decent queue.The normal set is served with chicken wings,ikan billis,egg,a piece of cucumber and sambal.$2.00.Mine was added items of a fish and long beans.

22 Dec 2009

Siang Hee Restaurant

Was at SGH with visiting a friend with some friends.After the visit a friend suggested this place which is  very popular for their Pumpkin Prawns.Having heard about this place before we all agreed to go for lunch there.

10 Dec 2009

Still Standing... Pukul Mati (eat till you drop dead)

Indian Vegetarian Rice Set

With Komala villas and Ananda Bavan who use to be forerunners in this market ,went upmarket and prices to match their present image.You will be hard pressed to find a eating place serving cheap indian vegetarian rice set with decent accompanying side dishes and decent price.Known as Pukul Mati makan. (eat till you drop dead)
If you feel like stuffing yourself silly, till you can't move.If  like to eat or try Indian vegetarian rice and you can eat a ton.There is this place....
In a rundown shop houses along Cuff Road.A very  last standing of one or two eating place still serving Indian Vegetarian Rice (pukul mati) which  use to be very common, is a dying off fast. And who can blame them if got a pal like mine who took me to this place.

7 Dec 2009


.There was  loud music going on and continue queue forming and a mass crowd  gathering around throughout my stroll there.Out of curiosity I just  had a look to see what they were having, had shock it was not a great Singapore sale,it was bubble tea.And I thought the bubble tea craze was all over and over the hill.But  there seems to be still quite a market for it .This stall had very clean hip look, all in black outfit.With a fancy name Koi Cafe.

2 Dec 2009

Cafe Wok Inn Fish & Chips

                                                        This stall has closed

Was in Toa Payoh having dinner at a food centre.When I remembered a fish and chips that I had sometime back..it was just few steps away so I just went over.

I have to say the fish was same as before.The fish was marinated beautifully.Just a normal dory fillet not overly batter just right,crispy bite,soft flaky flesh inside but was  entirely different  how it tasted just mouth watering. For a coffee shop stall it is in another league .The chips were crispy very good .Not a huge portion but taste wise for $5.80 It was A WINNER!!!.

Cafe Wok Inn Fish & Chips
Blk 95 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh