4 Jan 2010


I had a bad experience once at this place some months back.When I order rice ball when was served normal chicken rice,told them they back brought back a with black and white rice ball which was the same rice that was served before made into balls.The chicken was served with bits of rice attached all over was the chicken which was served with rice before...picture above

Well I can't hold much argue for there are maybe only 2 stalls, that sells rice balls chicken rice in whole of Singapore .So not keeping anything in mind of my past visit.I went and place my orders,rice balls, no breast meat anything else will do and they got it wrong again was served breast meat without skin but she asked whether it was right.She was apologetic and replaced it.
The rice ball was fragrant firm and could apart it with chop stick, still holding together not sticky but can still pick up with chop stick easily.Taste wise was like chicken rice .Ha ha ha

The chicken was drizzled lightly with dark sauce and was surprising  very good.The chicken was smooth soft tender, suckling and very tasty.
It brought back some decades old memories.Yes, this was tasting so much like very old school taste.I wasn't expecting this,it was bringing back flashes of beautiful memories of steam chicken I had with chicken rice, which I was longing to have so long.And chilli sauce was very good old school taste too and the was soup was not old school but unique and nice.$3.50
They had large of braised pork belly in the display,could not resist order another plate with chicken rice with pork belly ,chicken and an egg.$4.00.
The pork belly was soft, tender nothing much of a sauce there but was wonderfully very tasty.

Had a plate of chicken rice,it was just very average.Have to say the novelty here is the riceball .
Maybe the rice ball doesn't do much for the chicken rice but it is like novelty.Eating a ball of rice with chop stick maybe does give a different feel to eating a chicken rice novelty or maybe it not so easily available and might not be around in years to come.It's certainly worth a try.There is surely more visit to the stall from me.....

Boon Hwa Food Centre
Hainan Chicken Rice Ball
43 Jalan Besar.