11 Jan 2010

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

                       This stall at this place has closed.New location
Noticed this shop with a sign "Supreme Pork Chop Rice" couple of times at just at the end of Middle Road leading to Beach Road.With a sign like that, I have see the what is the supreme pork chop.

Well, I was expecting pork chop piece with bone,but never the less, there was rice,there was pork chopped(pork chop) with egg, some persevered vegetable and some mixed vegetable (from frozen pack).
The is rice, veges and egg tasted normal, nothing fancy there.
Yes,the star was the pork chops. Refried upon order was crispy,juicy,tender well marinated and went well with the rice and veges.$3.50

Had another plate with steam bun,beans and coleslaw.It really did not accompany well.It's best eaten with the rice set.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice
 21 Middle Road #01-00.

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