25 Feb 2010

ENG'S Wanton Mee

                       This location is closed

The One With The Killer Chilly  
Just when I thought I had found my savor for wanton mee in Hao Mong noodles( link) and here comes ENG'S wanton mee.Was having some soon kueh at Duman Food Centre.When I saw this stall just opening with instant queue forming,people ordering and taking their sit.In minute nearly every table were with wanton noodles Well,what have I got to loose, I just went and place my order too.I have heard about this stall before,did not think much it.

22 Feb 2010

Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow

 An Old Mater Found.....

I was at Shunfu Food Centre eating mee rebus,when I notice this guy who looked quite familiar,Saw him entering a stall.Went to look at the stall,there were posters of pass glory days pasted on the store.
Yes,this is the man who ran then a very well known Lake View Char Kuay Teow stall, he was so popular in his hey days.People would come flocking across the to Island have his CKT.
Spotting more gery hairs and older but still looking fit, but his looks has not changed much.I have had this man's CKT when he was at Lake View couple of times,and that was decades ago

18 Feb 2010

Xin Xing Gang Traditional Claypot Rice

When I feel like, having a clay pot rice, I always have to look for kakis or family members to follow cause,the smallest portion is too big for one person in all the well know stalls.And most of them sell only with chickens,I love have variety and I missed  claypot pork rice and been longing quite sometime for one.
And how do I feel when I found one and good one too.With individual serving,different varieties.And all are cooked only when ordered. Yippee!

16 Feb 2010

 The Other Waterloo Rojak....
SIRAJ famous waterloo indian rojak

I have heard some say most of stall use factory supplied,.Yes, maybe the fish cake,the ngoh hiang that kind of stuff.Certainly I have yet to come across an Indian Rojak stall, where the stuffs that are made for the  flours fritters from a factory.For I know, they are freshly made everyday and not produce in any factory at every  stalls I have eaten.
The the  flours fritters even cuttlefish and etcs, are not always same tasting as every other place,every stall has it's own distinct taste on how it is done.

And it is not only about the sauce all the time, though it very essential. I have eaten in places where sauce was fantastic but rest of stuff were hard,soggy with oil  and some with dried up taste.

14 Feb 2010

The Masala Hut

I lost a friendly soccer bet with my friend,looser treat the other for lunch.The winner choose the the place and dishes he wants.He suggested The Masala Hut.
The Masala Hut is a Indian banana leaf restaurant,but here the banana is on a sliver plate.All the items are pre cooked, you just choose what you want.

Rice is served with 3 vegetables with a small container of yogurt,rasam,curry and payasam.The rice and veges were very good very nice tasting and they are unlimited serving,and you order again as much as you want without any extra cost.

12 Feb 2010

928 Yishun Laksa

 The Laksa King Of Yishun....

I have eaten at this stall when they were just selling only rojak,which was really quite good.When they in brought in laksa months later, they never looked back again.
With business picking up at lighting speed,the increased in rent followed with that speed.They moved to the next door shop to set up their stall.
Now, they are a house hold name in Yishun when it comes to laksa.With numerous accolades displayed on their counter,including the Singapore Special 100 Commendation in 2008.You can certainly expect some quality.....

8 Feb 2010

Ngee Fou Restaurant (Hakka) Ampang Yong Tou Foo

Traveling along UpperThomson Road you can clearly see is a sign from the road, "Ngee Fou Restaurant (Hakka) Ampang Yong Tou Foo ".Have eaten this years back all of a sudden have urge to have Ampang Yong Tou Foo. Diverted my direction and went  to try....
I not sure but I think I am not allow to choose but told them no bitter gourd for me.The dish served consists of  brinjal , lady's finger,bean curb all with fish paste in it,fishball,bean curd skin,kang kong and fish maw.Top with sauce...

5 Feb 2010

Inspirasi Stall

Get Inspire At Inspirasi Stall
Yes, you need all the Inspiration you can get, to wait in the queue.And,here we go again,I thought, another waiting game.The queue was long and forming longer and the stall has not even open yet.I need all the inspiration I can get.And what's all that inspiration  for...... Soto Ayam (Mee Soto)

2 Feb 2010

Toa Payoh Rojak ....But Not In Toa Payoh

 Beat The Display Number to Taste One Of The Best

Take a number and wait for your turn.No, you are not waiting for you turn at HDB or Hospital .Here you waiting for your number to be display to place your order of rojak.(Rojak is practically vegetable and fruit salad with prawn paste used as seasoning with nowadays added with tau pok and you char kway.)
Yes,you only tell them your order when your number is up.He does the stirring  and mixing of all the stuff together to make rojak while you wait.Self service