12 Feb 2010

928 Yishun Laksa

 The Laksa King Of Yishun....

I have eaten at this stall when they were just selling only rojak,which was really quite good.When they in brought in laksa months later, they never looked back again.
With business picking up at lighting speed,the increased in rent followed with that speed.They moved to the next door shop to set up their stall.
Now, they are a house hold name in Yishun when it comes to laksa.With numerous accolades displayed on their counter,including the Singapore Special 100 Commendation in 2008.You can certainly expect some quality.....

Laksa is all about the gravy and here it not very thick nor thin, but does taste very rich,with the right amount of coconut milk and dried prawns and chilly,simply wonderfully lip smacking.
Topped with fairly reasonable amount of ingredients of fish cakes,cockles, dried tofu and half a egg .
The chilly paste and laksa leaves you have add yourself,and can add much as you want.The amount of chilly paste you add, makes the laksa gravy stronger and more punchier in flavour.And when you stir and mix it it blends so very well not distracting  the original taste of the laksa gravy.Eating without adding any extra chilly paste is equally very good.
I don't patronize very often but when I do patronize, I realize how much I  miss this Laksa.
Definitely, there amount the best....one of the better ones around.
 Worth a trip....just eat la.$2.50


928 Yishun Laksa
Blk 928  Yishun Central 1

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