25 Feb 2010

ENG'S Wanton Mee

                       This location is closed

The One With The Killer Chilly  
Just when I thought I had found my savor for wanton mee in Hao Mong noodles( link) and here comes ENG'S wanton mee.Was having some soon kueh at Duman Food Centre.When I saw this stall just opening with instant queue forming,people ordering and taking their sit.In minute nearly every table were with wanton noodles Well,what have I got to loose, I just went and place my order too.I have heard about this stall before,did not think much it.

It was early so the noodles came in a short wait less than 10 minutes.The noodles were more than reasonable portion looked crumbled  a bit messy very ordinary with few veges, char siews and saw only one wanton.But after some digging found about 4 wantons.

 For such a ordinary looking noodles,this was unexpected the noodles very QQ ,slippery,smooth, very tasty.The sauce was wonderful, very beautifully blended very well with  noodles.You can just eat the whole bowl with it(the sauce was almost like  Kok Kee at Lavender, maybe better.)The char siew were very ordinary but decent enough for wanton noodles.The wantons......
 The wantons.. another beautiful,wonderful,fantastic wantons, it was juicy with very savoury pork fillings,simply  mouth watering delicious.Sure to order extra wantons next time around.

The chilly. Ooh the chilly.
Warning! Warning! the chilly though very little is very deadly potent.It practically burned  my mouth even after few drinks the sensation did not leave.The drink stall next door is surely banking on this.Another worthy wanton mee to try.$2.50

ENG'S Char Siew Wan Ton Mee
 271 Onan Road
 Duman Food Centre
open hrs.3.15p.m

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