5 Feb 2010

Inspirasi Stall

Get Inspire At Inspirasi Stall
Yes, you need all the Inspiration you can get, to wait in the queue.And,here we go again,I thought, another waiting game.The queue was long and forming longer and the stall has not even open yet.I need all the inspiration I can get.And what's all that inspiration  for...... Soto Ayam (Mee Soto)

Soto Ayam, the whole taste is in the chicken soup like gravy.Which is served with rice cakes(lontong) or mee(mee soto).My order was with bagedil(potato cutlet) and extra chicken which is shredded.$3.00(normal $2.00)
The gravy was thin,light yet slightly thick,slightly higher in sweetness , had quite a unique flavor.Done almost perfect,it was very nice,maybe a bit too sweet for me but still did love it.And  my friend was slurping away and could stop praising how much he likes the soup and even wanted ask if they could refill again.Saved by the long queue.

 There were  people equally ordering  Mee Rebus,

The sweet potato gravy was quite rich,thick  fresh tasting. Served with half a egg and topped with parsley,fried shallots and lot of cut green chillies,was quite good .

Blk 207 New Upper Road
#01-11 Bedok Interchange Food Centre

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