22 Feb 2010

Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow

 An Old Mater Found.....

I was at Shunfu Food Centre eating mee rebus,when I notice this guy who looked quite familiar,Saw him entering a stall.Went to look at the stall,there were posters of pass glory days pasted on the store.
Yes,this is the man who ran then a very well known Lake View Char Kuay Teow stall, he was so popular in his hey days.People would come flocking across the to Island have his CKT.
Spotting more gery hairs and older but still looking fit, but his looks has not changed much.I have had this man's CKT when he was at Lake View couple of times,and that was decades ago

Order a small plate just to see if he still had those magic touch.Was not expecting much for I think I tried some of best around there is to taste.The presentation was nice, looked lovely even before tasting.

With reasonable amount of ingredients of cockles,fish cake,sausage and bit of veges.The taste was distinctly very nice with just the right amount of sweetness,softness and blended so very well.It tasted even better than what I was expecting.

Wow! this is good,very good.These are stalls that have very long history and followers. I am so glad I managed to tasted one the masters of CKT after soo long.And it is there amount the best,distinctly a very good CKT.
With so many CKT popping up everywhere with terrible standard.I am happy to see the old guards are still dishing out some of the finest there is to dish out.Another reason to visit this Shunfu FC. Worth another trip for sure.$2.50...just eat la

Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow And Cooked Food.
320 Shunfu Road
Shunfu Food Centre

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