14 Feb 2010

The Masala Hut

I lost a friendly soccer bet with my friend,looser treat the other for lunch.The winner choose the the place and dishes he wants.He suggested The Masala Hut.
The Masala Hut is a Indian banana leaf restaurant,but here the banana is on a sliver plate.All the items are pre cooked, you just choose what you want.

Rice is served with 3 vegetables with a small container of yogurt,rasam,curry and payasam.The rice and veges were very good very nice tasting and they are unlimited serving,and you order again as much as you want without any extra cost.

We were served with chicken soup as part of meal set.The soup was okay but too thick and too strong on the spice almost like a curry like taste.

 Fish curry was lightly thick mild tasting was quite okay.$4.00

Mysore Mutton .Cooked dry with spicy masala was okay, friend really liked it a lot.Charged with set meal..$7.00
Chilly fish was quite spicy and hot but was fresh and quite nice.$4.00

Fried chicken the flour was too thick for this type of chicken fry.okay.Charged with set meal.$6.00.
 Scrambled Fish.Was stirred fried lightly with mustard seeds,onion,green chilly,curry leaves,ginger.with little light on salt but was quite nice.$4.00

Mutton Bone(Tulang).Suppose to be long leg bones.Lightly masala with spices into a thick curry like gravy.Was quite good. but practically no meat attached to it..2 bones cut into 6 pcs. $4.00

They charged, as a set with 1 of the main dish and 2 for 2 people.The Mutton set was $7.00 and Chicken set was $6.00.Total $29.00.There were better looking dishes,I wanted to try.But all the dishes were chosen by my friend( a light eater),had no choice I lost the bet.

37 Chander Road
Little India

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