16 Feb 2010

 The Other Waterloo Rojak....
SIRAJ famous waterloo indian rojak

I have heard some say most of stall use factory supplied,.Yes, maybe the fish cake,the ngoh hiang that kind of stuff.Certainly I have yet to come across an Indian Rojak stall, where the stuffs that are made for the  flours fritters from a factory.For I know, they are freshly made everyday and not produce in any factory at every  stalls I have eaten.
The the  flours fritters even cuttlefish and etcs, are not always same tasting as every other place,every stall has it's own distinct taste on how it is done.

And it is not only about the sauce all the time, though it very essential. I have eaten in places where sauce was fantastic but rest of stuff were hard,soggy with oil  and some with dried up taste.

 When it comes to Indian Rojak there is one name, that will always pops up,Waterloo Street Rojak.Well I am not going to Waterloo today but other, Siraj in Albert Centre  Food Centre a stall  which is owned by same boss as the Waterloo Street stall.

  All the flours stuff were done very well to go along with the sauce.Special mention to prawn fritters,very crispy crunchy,The cuttlefishes were tasty, soft,lightly crunchy, dip in the sauce yummy.. yummy.
Must remember almost all of the stuff prepared,are prepare to be eaten with the sauce.So eating most of the stuffs without the sauce might taste quite bland. So the sauce becomes the main body of all the stuffs.
The sauce here is the real deal .Not like some places, using other stuffs to thicken the sauce,like starch and peanuts.Here they use the real stuff.They use sweet potatoes as a base, which naturally thickens the sauce.With the right amount of thickness, sour,sweetness with sesame seeds for the slight crunch.The sauce was heavenly can't get enough of it,I took extra 2 refill of it.
I have eaten at Waterloo Street too, almost the the same taste but for me I prefer here.
As original as a rojak and the sauce should be. And tasting way better than it should be


Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

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