2 Feb 2010

Toa Payoh Rojak ....But Not In Toa Payoh

 Beat The Display Number to Taste One Of The Best

Take a number and wait for your turn.No, you are not waiting for you turn at HDB or Hospital .Here you waiting for your number to be display to place your order of rojak.(Rojak is practically vegetable and fruit salad with prawn paste used as seasoning with nowadays added with tau pok and you char kway.)
Yes,you only tell them your order when your number is up.He does the stirring  and mixing of all the stuff together to make rojak while you wait.Self service

It was served topped with peanuts,very crispy tau pok ,you char kway and reasonable cuts of the fresh vege fruits,with the very high quality prawn paste, mixed very well.The sauce was very thick.I usually don't quite like very thick paste in my rojak but this was exceptional ,the paste itself had a very distinct superb taste and was very well, nicely blended together with right amount of sweetness and sourness.It was really very yummy!!
Even at the finishing end ,you can see the thickness of the sauce.It was surely very good and it was even better than when they were at temp market which I tried couple of times.The son is doing the the mixing of the rojak now and  he is really doing a very good job if it.Certainly don't mind going again.$3.00

Old Airport Road Food Centre
Toa Payoh Rojak

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