18 Feb 2010

Xin Xing Gang Traditional Claypot Rice

When I feel like, having a clay pot rice, I always have to look for kakis or family members to follow cause,the smallest portion is too big for one person in all the well know stalls.And most of them sell only with chickens,I love have variety and I missed  claypot pork rice and been longing quite sometime for one.
And how do I feel when I found one and good one too.With individual serving,different varieties.And all are cooked only when ordered. Yippee!

Claypot Pork Ribs Rice.Topped with chunks of ribs, 2 types of sausages (meat and liver),pieces of salted fish, some veges,drizzle with oil and dark sauce, maybe some wine(maybe marinated in meat),the aroma was killing me.A quick stir and I am having my long lost desire...The rice was cooked to perfection but without charcoal flavour.But nevertheless the rice tasted wonderful,the ribs were very well marinated, soft,tender and the sausages and salted fish just kept adding oomph after oomph  ..Simply yummy after yummy.!$3.50
Having had my pork claypot my eyes shifted to another not easy to find Seafood Claypot Rice.Served with amble amount of ingredients of fish,cuttlefish,prawns,2 types of sausages,salt fish and veges.The freshness and the generosity of ingredients in it, took me by surprise.It was another wonderful yummy claypot.$4.00

  Well, after having both claypot I had to try the Chicken Claypot Rice to see how it does with some big guns.I am usually not a big fan of  chicken in claypot rice but here chicken here was so well marinated,soft,tender,so juicy it had a very unique taste on it own.I have not chicken tasting this good in claypot rice at other more popular stalls.I am really won over.Now I might try chicken again.Soo juicylicious. $3.50
I love this claypot rice better than some of big guns of .All the claypot rice were cooked to perfection.Yummy to the last grain.The only thing I miss here in all the claypots rice  is mushroom.Other wise all were super delicious.I did not miss the charcoal flavour.Surely going again and again..

They also have few types of Congee .I had 2 type of porridge Pork Organ Congee$2.50 and Fish Head/Belly Congee.$4.00.
The porridge were very smooth,grainy type very good and very tasty .I liked Pork Organ better than the Fish.Maybe because of fish belly had bit fishy taste.But still worth a try.

Xin Xing Gang Congee Centre/
Traditional Claypot Rice
Albert Centre Food Centre

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