31 Mar 2010


The man with the golden...or is it just a Rolex.

Never the less it is Rolex.
More famously known for his Rolex watch on his wrist with smart attire, with clean neat pants and long selves when he does his cooking of the Hokkien mee.His history goes back to the fifties.Now he does not cook much but he has quite a number of branches selling his famous Kim's Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee.
I had Hokkien mee at Eunos and Joo Chiat.

EUNOS..Kim's Famous Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

26 Mar 2010


  Loh Mei once a very common street food some decades back,is a fast disappearing dish now.Using some special fermented bean curd for their soup which adds a very unique taste, flavour and an interesting colour of red. I have eaten this elsewhere,The last one was some 17 years or more in Marina Square which disappeared as soon as it opened.

22 Mar 2010


Along North Bridge Road opposite Sultan Mosque stands 2 restaurants.You can see vehicles stopping ,the wait staff runs in, comes back  passes to them a package or two and collect the money from them.The vehicles moves away.So what is happening?...Not worry this not some illegal stuff being changed hands.

 Would you believe they were just buying the main attraction from these places.Yes,these two restaurants seems to attract quite a number of people, who just come here mainly for their Murtabak.Though they sell other stuff Murtabak is their best sellers here.I have eaten quite a number of murtabak at other places.Usually I have takeaways and even here I have had takeaways before.Believe me you not doing justice to murtabak by having takeaways.

17 Mar 2010

A Hot Hot Spot

 Hot Spot Restaurant Cafe
Situated in Burlington Square along Bencoolen Street,opposite Sim Lim Square. I have seen the queue and the crowd here, I just passed it off as office crowd queue.With very passing by of the place I was certainly tempted to give a try.

8 Mar 2010

Char Bee Hoon with cockles,sausages ,fish cakes

Fried Bee Hoon...Yes! Char Bee Hoon ...not Char Kuay Teow.

Decades back it was very common to see the Char Kuay Teow stalls also selling Char Bee Hoon and the Char Mee done the same way as Char Kuay Teow with soy,oyster sauce, sausages,cockles and fish cakes.
Somewhere along the both the version of the Bee Hoon disappear the Yellow Mee somehow got married to Kuay Teow and still having a beautiful life in Char Kuay Teow.
Bee Hoon went on it's own and became quite popular in the breakfast meal with Mee and Kway Teow tagging along.

4 Mar 2010

Xin Heng Kee Chicken Rice

I have eaten here a couple of times before usually single portion$3.00(above) up to 3 people sharing the chicken with other stuff add on. So just imagine when I got a shock of my life when I order  half a chicken with add on.

1 Mar 2010


 Idli ,Thosai,Appam

Indian breakfast meal which is also eaten as snack food for tea break,sometimes as full light meal for lunch
or dinner.At Anna's they only serve in morning for the breakfast, idli, thosai and appam.